12 Best Alien PS5 Games That Are Out Of This World

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Look, we’re not saying these are games about aliens…but they’re games about aliens. Ancient Aliens reference, a perfect way to start off this list, no? Anyway, alien games are everywhere, and if you’re looking for the best ones to get for your PS5 (if you have one…) we have some options for you.

#12 Aliens Fireteam Elite

Aliens Fireteam Elite takes on the Aliens franchise in its own way, and tries to give the players as many options as they can handle. If they can truly handle them all that is.

Because in this game, you’ll find yourself on a planet that just so happens to be filled with Xenomorphs of all shapes and sizes. It’s your job to explore this planet, weed out the threats, and survive long enough to make it back in one piece. No guarantees if not already obvious.

The good news is that you’ll be able to work with friends to make the perfect squad to take down the Xenomorphs. Plus, you have a variety of modes you can play in to further your fun.

#11 Predator Hunting Grounds

Predator Hunting Grounds is a game that not only embraces the popular movie franchise, but does its best to match some of the more popular 4v1 games that are out there right now.

In the title, you’ll play as either a group of four mercenaries who are trying to complete a variety of missions, or, you are the Predator, trying to take them all out before things reach their conclusion. You’ll need to either work together as a team, or utilize your alien abilities to get the true job done.

So, which side are you going to pick? And which side will outlast and survive the other when all is finished? Jump in and find out.

#10 Prey

On the station known as Talos I, you are part of a science team who is dedicated to “advancing humanity”. But then, everything goes wrong. You wake up on the station with no true clue about who you really are, what happened to the station, and why your body is acting so weirdly.

It also doesn’t help that aliens have boarded the ship and you need to fight them off. Take on the mystery of Prey and see just how deep this whole thing goes. Including how far you can push your new alien powers, and how they can be used against your foes.

The truth is out there somewhere, the only question is…are you prepared for what it honestly might be?

#9 Subnautica Below Zero

Don’t worry, the original is higher up on this list, but Subnautica Below Zero deserves its own place here due to just how good it is.

The game is set on the same planet as the original, with the twist that you’re now on it years later, and in a very frozen region of the planet. What’s more, the company that once “called this place home” have left in an incredible hurry and that leaves you with a mystery to solve as you try and survive.

Explore the new waters of the planet in order to see what lies within, and what you need to avoid. Build up your underwater home and see just what it takes to survive here, if you can survive here at all.

#8 Alien Isolation

Yep, we have a SECOND Alien game on this list, what are the odds, right? Well, this one is said to be much better than the other due to its atmospheric feel that very much embodies what came from the Alien movies.

In it, you play the daughter of a very familiar character, and begin on a mission to try and recover a piece of history from their lost parent. However, the station you land on is now home to a Xenomorph…and they’re not happy to see you…

Now you must do what you can to get through the danger, get the station back online, and escape the Xenomorph without being caught. Can you do that? Jump into the game and find out.

#7 Dead Space Series

The Dead Space saga is about to get some new life via a remake that’ll be coming out soon enough. But you can very easily play the original set of games now on your PS5 if you wanted, and most people will want to due to how great two-thirds of them are.

You play as Isaac Clarke, and engineer who answers a distress call by their partner and rushes to try and figure out what went wrong. What “went wrong” involves various artifacts, aliens, and monsters. Oh, and you need to stay alive because a lot of things are trying to kill you. Fun!

These titles are a mix of survival, horror, and twisted story. So be brave if you dare go into this game.

#6 No Man’s Sky

By this point in time, just about everyone knows the history of No Man’s Sky. Because it was a game that promised a “massive universe full of alien life and potential” and yet…it didn’t quite deliver that, now did it?

In fact, it had one of the most divisive video game launches ever. However, Hello Games knew the mistakes that they made, and then went on a mission to fix what they had broken. The result is that No Man’s Sky is now a title that lives up to most of the promises they made before.

You can visit worlds full of life, explore a universe, play with friends, and more. And given that Starfield is coming out soon…you might want to try this first.

The sequel to the hit game Enemies Unknown, XCOM 2 puts you on an Earth that you’ll likely not recognize. Because in this version of Earth, the alien invaders have won, and are trying to make sure the planet can’t and won’t fight back in any form of resistance.

But even though XCOM was soundly defeated, hope is not lost. Instead, on the fringes of the planet, XCOM lives! Now, you’ll need to assemble your team and do hit-and-run missions in order to stick it to the invaders, as well as recruit more people to the cause of saving Earth.

Your choices matter, and if a character dies, they’re gone. How far will you go in order to save the Earth?

#4 Subnautica

As we teased before, Subnautica is a very special game, but the reason it’s special is because of how it kind of flips the script on everything in terms of being on an “alien world”.

You crash land on an alien planet, and now you are against the clock from the word “go” to try and survive in the harsh waters of this planet. Your job isn’t just to get some answers that sent you here, but to survive and explore the depths of these waters to see all that is here.

You’ll need to get supplies, build up your “home” under the waves, and fight off all the creatures that might just come to harm you. It won’t be easy, but that’s part of the fun.

#3 Destroy All Humans

Some will object to Destroy All Humans being so high on this list, but hey, it’s OUR list! What’s more, who hasn’t wanted to wipe out humanity at times due to how stupid we can all get? Exactly!

Anyway, Destroy All Humans lets you play as…wait for an it…an alien invader! You invade Earth with the goal of straight up screwing with the human race, making sure the government doesn’t get anywhere close to the level needed to fight back at you, and more.

The game is over the top in the best ways, and your alien protagonist is a very funny and beloved character by those who have played him. Plus, there is a weapon called the Probe Gun, you’re welcome.

#2 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

With Star Wars being ever more popular, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that we have one of their titles on this list. Especially since a “Galaxy Far, Far Away” has a LOT of alien species. But what makes Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order so special is that this game embraces the Star Wars nature of it all and brings in a quality combat system that’ll make you want to play it over and over.

You take on the role of Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan who escapes Order 66, but naturally, you can’t stay hidden forever, and you must return to try and fight the Empire and restore the Jedi order.

The fight is tough, but in the good way. What’s more, you’ll learn as you fight, so you can become the Jedi you want to be. So try and out and see how It all feels!

#1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

If you’ve been paying attention to our lists over the last long while, you’ll know that we absolutely love what Mass Effect is (mostly, we only count the first three games up until the original third ending!), which is an incredible RPG adventure that will take a lot to be topped. Thus why it’s constantly high on our lists.

And given that this game has PLENTY of alien species for you to interact with, you’ll be kept busy through the three main titles. In fact, the team at Bioware went INCREDIBLY FAR to ensure that each species was truly different in looks, sounds, personalities, cultures, and more. This even applies to the Reapers!

So dive in and see why this is one of the greatest epics ever.

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