Jade Raymond is making one of the PS5’s new live service games

Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond – now working exclusively for Sony (pic: YouTube)

Sony has tapped Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond to make at least one of its new PS5 exclusive online games.

Sony has already made it clear that it will be making more than just single-player games for the PlayStation 5, with plans to release 10 live service (aka games as a service) titles by 2026. Previously, it’s not been clear who’s making any of them but at least one will by Jade Raymond’s new studio Haven.

Sony signed a partnership with Haven early last year and now it’s been revealed that they’re making a ‘persistent and evolving online’ game for PlayStation 5 and PC.

According to a report by French language website Le Devoir, Sony asked the team to suggest three ‘large-scale’ projects, so that they could pick the one they liked best.

Sony ended up liking all three ideas, but Haven got to choose which one it would start with. There’s no explanation of what it is, but apparently it promotes ‘inclusion and caring’ – which rules out a battle royale at least.

Whether all three of Haven’s idea are counted within Sony’s promised 10 projects is unclear, and there’s no indication of when any of the games will be announced or released.

Raymond does mention that Haven has tripled in size since it was first founded though and is working closely with PlayStation 5 architect Mark Cerny to ‘push the technical capabilities’ of the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s clearly impressed by Haven’s ideas and so that makes them seem a natural target for acquisition, given Sony has already said it’s looking for more studios to buy.

At the moment though Haven remain independent, even if their games are PlayStation console exclusive.

Haven website

Has Sony already found its next acquisition? (pic: Haven)

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