10 PS4 Games That Are Already Modern Classics

There are plenty of excellent video games released all the time, for every console. Some games, however, go above the standard of simply being a good game and become something that players will be discussing for years. Whether it’s their story, their gameplay, their presentation, or something entirely unique that makes them stand out, certain games simply are special.

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With a robust selection of exclusives, the PlayStation 4 had an excellent games catalog. As a result, it had a fair few which were widely celebrated the world over for their sheer quality and for that special factor, elevating them to truly iconic status.

10 God Of War Gives An Iconic Character A Celebrated Do-Over

Tea god of war series and its protagonist Kratos have been infamous in gaming for some time. The games’ high-quality hack-‘n’-slash gameplay is considered some of the best in the industry, but much of the series is also infamous for its writing. Kratos serves as an angry anti-hero who constantly rages and kills things, and the games are known for their poorly written women.

The fourth mainline game in the series, god of war for PS4, is a different beast entirely. Featuring a much older Kratos, it tells a mature and sobering story of grief, parenthood, and the perils of toxic mindsets. With stellar action-RPG gameplay and truly excellent storytelling, god of war is considered the best in the series and a new high bar for the action-RPG genre.

9 Bloodborne Is The Pinnacle Of Soulsborne Gameplay With A Unique Aesthetic

One of the first games to make the PS4 a must-have console, many players are of the opinion that Bloodborne has never been topped. Speeding up the punishing gameplay of Dark Souls and emphasizing reckless aggression over calculated risks, Bloodborne features unique and visceral combat that few games can match.

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In addition, Bloodborne has an unforgettable aesthetic, merging gothic Victorian architecture with steampunk-esque outfits and monsters out of Geiger or Lovecraft. Considered by many to be the best in the Soulsborne franchise, the game has a reputation that has lasted over seven years since its release.

8 Until Dawn Is A Perfect Horror Pastiche

The 2010s and the PS4 saw a re-emergence of choice-based games where players got to decide from countless outcomes for a cast of characters. Until Dawn blends this choice-based gameplay with the horror genre, giving players the chance to avoid the terrible decisions audiences bemoan horror movie casts for.

Featuring a group of teenagers attempting to survive against a tricksy slasher villain and a mountain haunted by a terrifying monster, the game remains iconic for its dialogue, characters, and storytelling. Some still think it has yet to be topped, even by later efforts from studio Supermassive Games such as The Quarry.

7 Ghost Of Tsushima Is A Gripping Historical Adventure

A flurry of games themed around Japanese history has been released on the PS4, including nioh and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicebut the one that has garnered the most praise is Ghost of Tsushima. Avoiding the fantasy trappings of those games, it tells a historical story of the Mongol invasion of Japan and the resistance attempts on the island of Tsushima.

The game is celebrated for its beautiful graphics, delightful open-world gameplay, visceral and fun combat, and deeply its emotional story. A serious contender for Game of the Year in 2020, it has remained consistently popular and discussed, acting as a future benchmark for historical games.

6 Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Beautiful Post-Apocalypse

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game celebrated for a number of reasons. Despite a high-concept premise that some may roll their eyes at – a post-apocalypse inhabited by robotic dinosaurs – the game proves itself to be so much more. It has combat and exploration that is simply fun and satisfying, mixed with enthralling storytelling.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most beautiful games for any console, both in its graphical fidelity and its art design. It takes pride in presenting a world that, despite all the terrible and dangerous things within it, is flat-out wonderful to inhabit. With a surprisingly deep storyline that touches on a number of very real themes despite the game’s fantastical nature, it has earned its place in the hearts of gamers.

5 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Has A Hero Grow Up Without Ever Losing His Charm

Tea Uncharted games are a well-liked series of PlayStation exclusives, putting the player in control of likeable, adrenaline-enthusiast treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he travels the world. Featuring storylines and situations hearkening back to adventure films like IndianaJonestea Uncharted games are designed from the top-down to be fun in every moment.

Every game in the series is widely-beloved, but Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has proven itself to be a classic. Telling a more mature tale of an older Nathan Drake battling with his conflicting responsibilities, it doesn’t lose a moment of the joy, excitement, or heart that the series is known for.

4 inFAMOUS: Second Son Refines The Superhero Genre

Tea inFAMOUS series has had several entries for the PlayStation. Second Sound has the honor of being one of the first and most majorly-anticipated exclusives for the PS4, and was hugely popular as a result. Building on the strong superhero gameplay and storytelling that players like about the inFAMOUS series, it manages to go one step further then the series’ prior entires.

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Switching out protagonist Cole McGrath for the most likable and relatable Delsin Rowe, inFAMOUS: Second Sound tells a story with more tension and heart than the series has shown so far. Alongside a vast expansion to the game’s powers system and the depth of its gameplay, it has proven one of the best superhero games ever made.

3 Returnal Shows The Value In The Console’s Smaller Games

Many of the most beloved and iconic games on the PlayStation 4 are big-budget, AAA releases from major studios. However, the console also has a roster of smaller studios creating quality games, and few have received more attention or adoration than Housemarque’s roguelike shooter Returnal.

With elements of psychological horror added to its story and gameplay, Returnal found adoration not just for its mechanics but for its story. Using its time-looping gameplay to enhance a compelling and gripping plotline, the game is still discussed to this day for rewarding players who invest a ton of time..

2 The Last Of Us Is A Tale Of Humanity And Inhumanity

The 2010s saw a huge resurgence for the zombie apocalypse genre, but few of the zombie films or television series of that time match the power or the lasting influence of The Last of Us. A game that puts the emphasis on the humans, not the zombies, The Last Of Us tells the tale of a grieving and jaded father learning to love once again, and a scared and lonely girl finding a family.

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Featuring some of gaming’s most shockingly dark and unpleasant moments alongside entire scenes simply dedicated to happiness and warmth, the game, originally released for PS3 but remastered for PS4, is considered one of the most rewarding stories to play. It continues to be one of the best-loved titles in gaming, and a prime argument for video games as an artistic medium.

1 Marvel’s Spider-Man Is One Of The Best Superhero Stories In Recent Years

Video games have not escaped the recent superhero cultural zeitgeist, and one of Marvel Comics’ most enduring and popular heroes saw his own entry on PS4. Marvel’s Spider-Manreleased in 2018, puts the player’s in the shoes of the web-slinger through a sprawling adventure that incorporates his best aspects from a range of media.

Spiderman’s story is considered flat-out excellent, an emotionally-fulfilling saga that speaks to the superhero genre’s strengths, but the game remains beloved for its gameplay. A deeply satisfying open world with one of the best movement systems in gaming, it is considered a standout for both the superhero and open-world genres.

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