A New Infamous Game Would Have Been Perfect in Today’s Superhero Era

As the superhero genre continues to gain traction in films and television, there have been a handful of fantastic games that followed suit. From the commercially underappreciated Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal to the upcoming Gotham Knights by WB Montreal, the cultural adoration for all things super is growing by the day. That’s not to say the genre was dormant before, as Infamous lead the charge throughout the PlayStation 3 generation. Yet aside from a couple of outings on the PS4, it has been largely abandoned by Sucker Punch.


In its quest to bring players to feudal Japan with Ghost of Tsushimathe developer left Infamous in the rear view. However, because so much of modern entertainment takes advantage of superheroes, and game design has shifted to more of an open-world focus, 2022’s landscape indicates a game like Infamous would be well received. Not only would it satisfy fans of the series to see a new story for Cole McGrath or Delsin Rowe, but it could also bring something new to a genre dominated by just a handful of companies.

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Infamous Could Break Marvel and DC’s Hold on Gaming

In both films and video games, superhero titles are typically being produced by one of two major companies. DC and Marvel have been fighting for the hearts of comic fans for decades, and the MCU has been constantly challenged by DC’s inconsistent film releases. Infamous is a property owned by neither, and while this could be damaging to its sales, it also provides something new from the characters, world-building, and storytelling seen in DC and Marvel projects. Sucker Punch doesn’t currently have plans for a new Infamous game, but it could be leaving money on the table.

However, Sucker Punch is a prime candidate to develop something Marvel or DC related, largely thanks to its success in the genre with Infamous. The stranglehold that these comic titans have on the entertainment industry isn’t universally enjoyed though, and there have been series from other companies with more to appreciate. Whether it’s The Boys’ unapologetic violence and brutality or Image’s Invincible unpredictable origin story for a strong protagonist, being a superhero property not owned by Marvel or DC is a draw in-and-of-itself, leaving room for Infamous in 2022.

Superheroes in an Open World

As the 2020s roll on it’s clear that more players are finding enjoyment in open worlds for third-person, single-player experiences. One of the key reasons Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t gain as much traction was because its level design is linear, which felt dated in comparison to other superhero games. When Spiderman has the whole of Manhattan to explore and Batman could stalk the rooftops of Arkham Cityall 16 chapters of Eidos Montreal’s Guardians felt a bit more restrictive than focused.

Infamous Second Son gave players the first truly great open-world of the generation, a sprawling and exciting take on Seattle that harnessed the power of Sony’s latest console. Delsin could use his smoke, neon, video, and concrete powers to wreak havoc on the city, or save the lives of its unassuming inhabitants. A new Infamous game that replicates its success in a different city could recapture the magic of the series while adhering to the popularity of the superhero genre, giving PlayStation fans another reason to boot up their PS5.

Superheroes are very popular now, but this wasn’t so much the case in 2009 when Infamous released. The genre was still seen as somewhat niche at the time, so rebooting this franchise in today’s climate would cater to a culture that is far more inclined to give it a shot. Marvel and DC may rule the video game scene, but before Insomniac took on the iconic web-slinger and Rocksteady had its take on the Caped Crusader, Sucker Punch was leading the charge for superheroes in video games, and it could do so again.

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