V Rising on consoles: Will the game get ported to PS4, PS5 and Xbox?

V Rising on Console

We imagine the developers look a lot like this when asked the question (pic: Stunlock Studios)

V Rising, the current hot game on Steam, is still technically in development. Fans on consoles want to know though, when will it get a release for them?

Most games are available on most formats these days. It’s clear that some divide is going to widen with Microsoft and Sony going on purchasing sprees, but more often than not you’ll still find all games eventually ending up on PC. V Rising, however, is one of the few games that has launched on PC with no real news about a console version.

Developed by Stunlock Studios, V Rising sees you building your vampiric empire through the guise of a survival game like Minecraft. However, it uses a more Diablo inspired take on action, using a top-down camera and classic motifs, like the big orb of health at the bottom of the screen.

Stunlock Studios still hasn’t said much about a potential port, but it has at least started to acknowledge that it will happen… eventually.

V Rising early access

V Rising is currently in Steam’s early access program. That means it’s working similarly to games like DayZ or Minecraft, so it could be years before there’s an official completed version.

This allows the developers to not only fund their development by selling an unfinished game but also gain significant feedback from the community as they go.

A game like Path Of Exile might have originally launched outside of Steam, but it also used this model to help build a successful game and it still frequently pushes updates based on current feedback.

Valheim (which also doesn’t have a console version) was 2021’s indie hit through early access, selling millions of copies within a few weeks, and V Rising is no different. The game has gone on to sell well over 1 million copies in its first week and regularly has over 100,000 players playing it concurrently.

V Rising on PS4, PS5 or Xbox

Vampires could yet infest your console in the future, but don’t expect to see V Rising on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or Xbox any time soon. While both consoles now have a similar early access section on their stores, V Rising is still only very young in terms of development.

Stunlock Studios has said that they don’t expect to begin work on console ports any time soon, as they want to at least have a finished version of the PC game before managing two or three different variations.

‘I think that when we do get to full release people will really realize what our intention is in this being a fully fleshed-out experience. And then after that, there’s so many things we can still do’, community manager Jeremy Fielding told IGN.’

‘It’s such a cool thing about the genre. There’s so many ways to expand on your systems and make them better. It’s just such an incredible long-term view that we can do.’

V Rising is available on PC in Steam Early Access for £15.49.

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