Sony Patent May Reveal Big PS1 Games Coming to PS Plus Premium

A series of classic Capcom and Konami games could be coming to Sony’s proprietary subscription service PS Plus Premium.

Sony’s proprietary gaming subscription service, known as Playstation Plus, has recently gotten a big overhaul. While it normally gives fans access to online modes of many games on the platform, this existing service has converted into three tiers that gamers can choose from. These tiers offer all different benefits such as exclusive deals, content and more enticingly, a catalog of classic PlayStation games from the PS1, PS2 and PS3 generations.

These classic games are only available for subscribers of the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. Some of these games include jumping flash, resident Evil, tekken 2and even the first Ape Escape game. These PS Plus versions of the games are also superior to the PAL versions, being the 60 Hz NTSC versions of the games. A recent patent from Sony notes that even more classic games from its library could be coming to the catalog as well.


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This patent involves Sony’s emulation method for its legacy video games for PS Plus. The code explains that it receives a player’s input during the emulation, which then determines if it needs a certain amount of cached blocks. It also then compiles one or more blocks based on the legacy console’s code, and executes them to display in a virtual environment. The patent also lists a number of example games that could be emulated using this method, including Castlevania Chronicles, Resident Evil 2and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Some of these are acclaimed PS1 games that are still beloved to this day. Resident Evil 2 was the sequel that cemented Capcom as the king of survival horror, as well as codifies the genre itself. Street Fighter Alpha 3 was a critical hit, with this prequel fighting game introducing several characters to the world of street fighter as well as expanding upon the lore of certain characters like Ryu, Ken, and Charlie Nash. Castlevania Chronicles is a remake of the NES game, with everything about the original being the same with a slight graphical overhaul to the sprites.

The patent also lists Warhawk, Tango Dance Feverand Pac man as other examples of games that could be played using this emulation method. Sony has also filled out another patent regarding some older PlayStation peripherals such as the Move. With these retro-focused patents it’s likely that the listed classic games will eventually be added to the Playstation Plus service at some point in the future.

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