Series X/S almost outsells PS5 in Japan for the third time

Xbox Series X/S consoles have almost managed to outsell the PS5 in Japan across the last week, as per Video Games Chronicle.

Microsoft’s console has only outsold the PS5 twice before, but came very close to doing so again in the week that ended June 26th.

Famitsu has published the data, with Series X consoles selling 4,881 units and the Series S selling 4,034 for a combined weekly total of 8,915.

Sony’s system, by comparison, sold 9,181 units, a difference of just 266 systems.

It is a real boon for Microsoft, as Video Games Chronicle points out that Sony regularly sells remarkably well in its home country.

There have been over 1.7 million sales of PS5 consoles in Sony, compared to Xbox Series X/S sales of 247,974.

Xbox does not routinely beat Sony systems in Japan but they appear to be building some momentum.


As VGC points out, the Series X/S has outsold the PS5 just twice, once in May, and then again earlier this month.

It may come down to the stock issues that the PS5 is facing, with there being a real scarcity of consoles available both online and in stores. Most gamers who have tried to get their hands on the console will know that Sony have been hit by a number of shortages, in a variety of continents, including Asia, Europe and North America.

The Series X has faced similar issues but the Series S has been widely available since its release.

However, neither Microsoft or Sony can even begin to touch Nintendo’s sales in Japan; they have recently surpassed 25 million units.

Last week, they sold 56,549 units in Japan, making it clear that they are not going to be toppled any time soon.

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