Every Body Part Video Games Want To Access

For the most part, video games engage three different senses: sight, sound, and, to varying degrees, touch. Most game companies are hard at work finding ways to make improvements in those three areas with better graphics, higher audio quality, and improved haptic feedback. However, that doesn’t mean that companies aren’t eyeing ways to get more senses involved. Sony recently filed a patent for technology that could create synthetic smells based on what’s happening in a particular game (via GameRant). It’s unclear how, or when, Sony would hope to incorporate the tech into new games, but some day while wandering in an open world game like “Elden Ring,” you might be able to literally stop and smell the flowers.

Luckily for anyone who’s craving that next level of immersion, there’s already a way to play games with scents. Feelreal has made a mask that can create hundreds of scents that correspond to various in-game situations. It’s designed to be incorporated with VR experiences, and there are models already built for a handful of the more popular VR headsets. Feelreal currently works with only a limited selection of games, but the device proves that scent technology isn’t just a hypothetical idea for the future.

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