10 Memes That Sum Up The PlayStation 2 Perfectly

It’s been 22 years since Sony debuted the PlayStation 2, one of the most popular and best-selling video game consoles of all time. While many avid gamers continue to return to the beloved console for nostalgic purposes if nothing else, it’s impossible not to think of how advanced video game systems have become in the last two decades, especially as VR begins to really assert itself in the marketplace.

To contextualize how far Sony has progressed in its flagship gaming brand, it’ll be fun to take an affectionate look back at the evolution of The PlayStation 2 through hilariously accurate internet memes that every gamer can relate to.


10 Oh, The Memories

Source: Me.me

Remember when saving a video game required actual, physical memory cards to do so? Though the younger crowd who grew up playing PS5 may not believe such, PlayStation 2 came with removable, 8 MB memory cards that were inserted into the front of the console, allowing gamers to save their place during key moments in their playthrough. Nowadays, it’s all about third-party SSDs.

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With the perfectly articulated “Memories,” the meme shows the awesome memory card screen that also featured different logos and decals for each game, be it Gran Turismo 4, Tekken 4, Final Fantasy XIII, or one of the most expensive PS2 games ever made. A great reminder of a bygone era in gaming that has been supplanted by virtual auto-save in most consoles.

9 Then Vs. Now

Staying on the game-saving and memory theme, it’s hard to deny how efficient the PS2 was when compared to today’s far more advanced systems that require constant updates and massive data storage. As such, the PS2 remains a superior workhorse.

While the meme is made to conjure a laugh, it really gets to the heart of how next-gen video game consoles have evolved (or perhaps devolved) so far to favor enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics that it forgets about the user experience as it relates to the affordability of data saving, memory, game cataloging and the like.

8 Powering Up All Night

Source: Me.me

For the countless number of young PS2 gamers who could not afford memory cards, they will be forever haunted by all of the times they had to leave their PS2 on overnight and resume playing as soon as they woke up and leave for school. Indeed, it was the only possible alternative way of keeping one’s place in the game without properly saving the game on a memory card.

Nowadays, it’s inconceivable for gamers to have to leave their consoles powered all night long in order to simply save a checkpoint. But for a whole generation of PS2 users without access to saving the game automatically, this was was the manual hack that ruled the day.

7 Wrong CD

Source Me.me

As most PS2 gamers recall, the software for the video games was presented on DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs that were physically inserted into the game, allowing users to play movies as well as games. In a hilarious meme that sums up this time in gaming history, it’s clear Sony was intent on really putting the Play in PlayStation by ribbing gamers with a wickedly funny practical joke with the PS2’s hidden gem RPG Bard’s Tale.

The hidden easter egg was found by a gamer more than a decade after the game was released, suggesting that PS2 went the extra mile in getting their clientele to really engage and immerse themselves in the RPG titles they marketed. Looking back, the joke may seem sort of mean-spirited, which again speaks to how PS2 proliferated in a different time period.

6 Unknown Discs

Ps2 Crying Boo meme

Source: Know Your Meme

Another evolutionary throughline regarding the PS2’s CD-ROM format includes the often glitchy system that inevitably led to the dreaded “please enter a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 format disc” screen display. If players inserted an improperly formatted disc, the display would appear. However, sometimes the display would result after inserting perfectly compatible games due to scratches on the disc or a glitch in the laser-reading technology.

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The meme accurately depicts how most gamers felt every time the prompt appeared on screen, especially when a properly formatted disc was inserted. This led to countless online tutorials about how to fix the PS2 consoles that failed to read the discs before the CD-ROM experiment was phased out entirely.

5 Cinephiles Rejoice

When the PS2 was first released in 2000 right when the popularity of DVDs began proliferating on the market. As such, playing DVDs on the console became a major selling point for those who didn’t necessarily want to spend all of their time playing video games. The meme captures the broad appeal that the PS2 DVD player made to consumers.

Of course, those who really experienced with PS2’s DVD player know full well that it didn’t work as optimally as intended, forcing many people to go through many consoles before purchasing a separate DVD player. However, the PS3 DVD player still works like a charm.

4 The Cryptic Analog Button

PS2 analog button meme

Source: Memedroid

One of the most mysterious elements of PS2 that puzzled gamers for years was the presence of the analog button located on the controller above the two joysticks and beneath the select and start buttons. As the meme articulates perfectly, the analog function was so mystifying that most gamers gave up and refused to even attempt using it to optimum effect.

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Per an entire Reddit thread dedicated to the mystery, it turns out that the analog button on PS2 has no real function for PS2 games themself. Instead, the PS2 analog button allows the controller to be backward-compatible with PS1 games, giving gamers more options.

3 A Simpler Time

ps2 cheat code meme

Source: Know Your Meme

Another accurate meme that sums up the evolution of gameplay conventions since the days of the PS2 relates to in-game cheat codes that enabled gamers to cut corners, find shortcuts, and gain strategic advantages.

Cheat codes became such a mainstay in gaming that a cottage industry of publications such as Tips and Tricks magazine. PS2 users will almost certainly recall manually scanning all of the various cheat codes in Big Theft Auto: San Andreas by hand. Now, as the meme perfectly illustrates, gaming cheat codes have been supplanted in favor of microtransactions and trophy rewards, once again leaving gamers nostalgic for PS2.

2 Indispensable Durability

Source: Memedroid

One of the truest things about PS2 is how popular it remained well after PS3 and its successors and rivals were released to the masses. The durability of the game made it indispensable for a whole generation of fans who simply stored the console away in their closet rather than throwing it in the trash.

As such, the meme uses the classic Obi-Wan “it’s a system we cannot afford to lose” to poke fun. But thanks to the durability of the console itself and the various PS2 games that still hold up, the gaming system persists.

1 All Good Things Must End

PS2 funeral meme

Source: Memedroid

While many gamers wisely kept the PS2 console around once its final servers went down at the beginning of 2013 to give way to PS3 and beyond, an official memorial service was held by legions of teary-eyed gamers willing to honor their fallen friend.

Thanks to A_Person34, the meme offers a funny if bittersweet farewell to the console by placing it in a florally-adorned coffin and having some of its most iconic video game characters pay respect to their fallen host. Most memes are meant to rib, barb, and scathe, but almost every PS2 fan will feel a sense of gratitude for what the console added to their lives.

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