10 Game Series That Should Have Their Own Lego Sets

The recent LEGO Con event revealed some impressive expansions to be added to their series of video game-based sets. These included new characters for the Super Mario sets that will finally see the likes of Nabbit and a Baby Yoshi joining the already expansive line-up and Minecraft will see more familiar locations turn into more LEGO sets for collectors and toy enthusiasts alike.

There are already plenty of impressive game franchises that have been turned into some great LEGO sets, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Overwatchand Sonic the Hedgehog. However, there are plenty more iconic video game franchises that could be the next ones transformed into iconic construction toys.


Insomniac’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man Miles Morales Director Details Making The Games Final Shot

The iconic Marvel hero may have already been turned into LEGO, but there have been many versions that already exist. From the pre-school series Spidey and His Amazing Friends to Spider-Man: No Way Homethere have been multiple versions of this hero in the brick form already.

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But with the popularity of Insomniac’s Spiderman games and seeing Sony’s Horizon already become a LEGO set, it’s not hard to imagine how amazing this could be. With their own unique designs on iconic characters to levels like the boss fights with Doctor Octopus and the holiday-themed buildings of New York, it can easily excite fans while also becoming a stepping stone for non-PlayStation owners.


No matter which toy store or video game outlet you go to, you will be guaranteed to see Pokémon merchandise. And while Mega Construx has already created some building sets of their own based on the iconic characters from the series, that can’t stop the potential and imagination that LEGO can put into it.

For one thing, many of the iconic buildings across the series such as the Pokémon Center and the many gyms owned by the best gym leaders from multiple regions would make excellent playlets, especially if they have detachable roofs to see the action inside to mimic the games . There could be a plethora of Minifigures too, from the trainers to the Pokémon that inhabit these particular buildings.

street fighter

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Tenshokyaku

After the recent announcement of street fighter 6 from Capcom, now is a good time for the studio to try and build excitement for the upcoming release. One of these could be in the form of LEGO to appeal to kids as well as hardcore fans of the beloved fighting game series.

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Imagine Suzaku Castle with a buildable background with Ryu and Ken Minifigures for kids to create their own short films or the car in the bonus stages literally breaking apart before everyone’s eyes with their favorite street fighter characters. If Capcom is happy to collaborate with other companies, it’s not hard to imagine them pitching this potential idea.

Animal Crossing

Wilderness view with water and trees, and characters with animal crossing title

While Animal Crossing has been around for years, it was only when Animal Crossing: New Horizons came to the Nintendo Switch that saw the series reach new popular heights. It was especially one of the most comforting video games for many gamers during the pandemic. Nintendo was quick to team up with manufacturers to create all kinds of toys, with Build-A-Bear turning Tom Nook and Isabelle into stuffed animals.

With this entry in the series focusing on building your own island and buildings, it would make an ideal LEGO set that could easily see it expand with additional sets based on the DLC and seasonal changes that happen in it. New characters could be introduced as Minifigures so that everyone can finally have the characters that they want on their very own created island.


Kirby Forgotten Land File Size

There have already been plenty of reasons to celebrate Kirby’s 30th anniversary. Switch owners were given Kirby and the Forgotten Land to play, a music festival will take place in Japan later in the summer, and the Nintendo Switch Online service has some of his classic titles too.

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There’s a clear appetite for a Kirby LEGO set, as a creator named JayJayJay made an idea for a set based on Dreamland and the characters who inhabit it. While it has yet to be made official, the creator was able to show off not just their talents, but why it should become the next video game franchise to be transformed into the loveable plastic bricks. And fans can vote for the set to become a reality on LEGO Ideas.

monster hunter

Everything New In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Monster Changes Gameplay NPCs Malenzo Cover

Since Monster Hunter: World hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it has become a global phenomenon as it managed to grab the interest of a lot of new players in the series and become the best-ranked game in the monster hunter series. So it shouldn’t become a shock that the game’s follow-up, Monster Hunter Rise, would continue to follow in its success.

With so many behemoths to battle and customization options, the games could become ideal LEGO sets. From complex builds based on the likes of the Ratahlos and Lagiacrus to smaller sets featuring adorable Minifigures based on the numerous hunters and Felyne throughout the series, there’s definitely the potential to see a range of sets.


Halo Reach

With the recent Halo television series and the continued support of Halo Infinite, Xbox’s flagship title has remained one of their most iconic in the multiplayer scene. While Mega Construx created some sets based on the characters and the games, that’s not to say that LEGO couldn’t make equally good or better builds.

It’s hard not to look at what their rival has done and try to make their own sets based on the vehicles throughout the series, but they could experiment with other features in the games too. They could create LEGO Technic sets that would attempt to challenge builders to make the iconic Master Chief Helmet and create a line of sets with these more difficult building blocks.

Mario Kart

There are plenty of Nintendo characters that could be put in Mario Kart 9

Tea Super Mario LEGO sets have already become popular as the Italian plumber, Luigi, and Princess Peach received special interactive figures that can create different sound effects based on what they have pressed. The iconic levels through Mario’s games have transformed into fun obstacle courses for the whole family to enjoy.

Therefore, the next logical step would be to introduce Mario Kart sets! Using these interactive figures, builders can race these characters in go-karts from the series’ history, and with their unique sound effects, they can even react to one another with power-ups and collisions. And that doesn’t even include the circuits from the best Mario Kart circuits as voted by Ranker, which could make for some fun sets to drive and play throughout the living room.

god of war

Kratos God of War Ragnarok

After Horizon: Zero Dawn received the LEGO treatment recently, it’s not hard to imagine what games could be next from Sony’s catalog to be turned into the fun Minifigures. With God of War: Ragnarok due to be released later this year for the PS5 and PS4, this would be a great opportunity for this series to become the next must-have LEGO set.

The sets can easily be made out of LEGO and fans could see massive-scale builds with the likes of the World Serpent and the Yggdrasil. With miniature versions of Kratos and Atreus to scale them, fans can continue their own father-son adventures while awaiting the anticipated installment.

The Legend Of Zelda

This should be no surprise to no one. For over 25 years, The Legend of Zelda has remained one of the most iconic adventure games of all time and with anticipation of Breath of the Wild 2this is an easy decision to be transformed into the next series of video game-inspired LEGO sets.

With so many iconic characters and locations across the series with each game having its own unique look, each set can stand out from one another. From Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time to the cartoonish Red Lion boat from The Wind Waker to the redesigned Link from Breath of the Wild that newcomers have grown accustomed to, this can open up the doors to many possibilities.

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