It is now possible to Mod Elden Ring for PS4 (Easy Mod release by Lapy)

With a 9.00 backport of Elden ring circulating for Jailbroken PS4s, it has now become possible to mod the PS4 version of Elden Ring to some extent, just like on PC.

Elden Ring gets its first PS4 unofficial Mod

A huge part of the popularity of Souls Games, beyond their legendary difficulty, is the possibility to mod them. This functionality is typically not possible on console versions, except for official mods shipping through an update.

This has changed with today’s release from Lapy.

This “Elden Ring Easy Mod” brings the following features, and, as Lapy states, is “Only for inexperienced Souls players like me”:

  • reduce 50% damage
  • player add 25% more damage
  • get 2x runes

Youtuber BrutalSam has a video showcasing the mod, that you might want to check to see it in action (video below).

Easy mod in action, screenshot from BrutalSam’s video

Although Lapy didn’t describe exactly his process, he mentions he’s used Yapped Rune Bear, a modding tool for Elden Ring PC, which apparently has done a good enough job for the PS4 version. It would be interesting to see if more mods for Elden Ring PS4 get released in the days or weeks to come.

Download Elden Ring “Easy Mod” For PS4

You can download the mod here. You will need the PS4 backport of Elden Ring, which is unfortunately a huge IP infringing package so we won’t share a download link here.

Source: Lapy

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