5 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is one of the most-awaited and most anticipated games of 2022. Developed by WB Games Montreal, the spotlight shifts as players will control someone other than the caped crusader. After Bruce Wayne supposedly died in the Batcave explosion, the Bat Family is there to protect Gotham City. The players can pick Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin.

The developers have also hinted that the game will support co-op play so you can team up with another player as you tackle Gotham’s seedy underbelly. A wide list of villains have been rumored to appear, but as we edge closer to the launch date, Mr. Freeze, The Court of Owls, and the Penguin are likely to play critical roles in the plot. Tea ExpressVPN villain infographic helps break down some key characteristics of Batman’s most notorious villains.

Reasons Why We’re Excited For Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is the latest addition to the DC gaming universe. There are numerous reasons to play it. Let’s check the top 5 reasons why we’re excited for Gotham Knights.

Fact 1: Explore A New Gotham City

One of the most exciting things about Gotham Knights is the enormous Gotham City and the real-world playground we will see in the game. It features a more extensive map than Arkham Knight and is the biggest version of Gotham city ever represented in a video game.

Gotham City will also have a batcycle, fast travel, and Nightwing’s flying trapeze glider. Transportation will help players move across the city with speed and freedom.

Fact 2: New Characters Will Be Introduced

In Gotham Knights, we are excited for four characters of the extended Batman Family – Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. As Bruce Wayne is no longer alive, we’re given the opportunity to play as some of his trusty sidekicks, each with their unique fighting style

Robin, aka Tim Drake, is the youngest in the Knight group and the smartest. Robin’s specialty is behavioral sciences and psychological warfare.

Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, is the daughter of deceased GCPD commissioner Jim Gordon, she is a tech wiz and well-trained in martial arts.

Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, is the acrobatics master of the group. If you are looking for leadership qualities, you will find them all in Nightwing. He’s the most optimistic character in the whole game.

Lastly, we have Red Hood, aka Jason Todd. His relationship with the Batman family is quite complicated, to say the least. Jason is a highly trained assassin who walks the thin line of an anti-hero willing to take a life, unlike Batman.

Fact 3: Cooperative Storyline

WB has made it clear that they will not follow the Batman storyline and will instead focus on an original story. What excites us is that the Gotham Knight is one of a kind and entirely original.

The story takes place in a world after the demise of Batman. Gotham City has turned into a chaotic gang fight with no help from GCDP, especially after the death of Commissioner Jim Gordon.

The four join forces to save the city and investigate what happened to the Batman. The cooperative storyline allows players to team up with any of the characters and experience the twists and turns of a typical WB Games Montreal plot.

Fact 4: Pre-order Perks

The release date is October 25, but you can pre-order to ensure you get your hands on the game on time. As with any AAA game, the developers will provide you with different options: Standard, Deluxe, and the Collector’s Edition.

In the Standard Edition of the game, players will receive the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin to ride around in style.

The Deluxe Edition includes exclusive costumes such as Jim Lee’s transmog suits and Batman beyond-themed outfits.

And lastly, the Collector’s box edition of the game consists of all the above and more. This edition comes with the Gotham Knights exclusive new guard statue inspired by Jim Lee. Also featured are the augmented reality talon key and City of Bridges collectible map.

Fact 5: Awesome Gameplay

Firstly the vehicles are back. You’ll be able to roam the city in new and exciting ways. The graphics of the game makes the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Any enemies you encounter will have their health and level on display during combat, giving you more control over your fighting style. The best part of the gameplay is that you can now upgrade combat skills and weapons for all characters. Each character will have a skill tree where you can choose where to distribute your points.


These are the top five reasons why we’re excited for Gotham Knights. The game is set to release on October 25, 2022, but you can preorder it from Gotham Knights official website. The game has been in development for years suffering from delays, but we have almost made it to the finish line. It will be launched on PS5, Xbox series XIS, and PC.

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