Fake PS5 Comes With 200 Games

Tea PS5 stock shortage isn’t showing any signs of subsidizing but luckily for grandparents around the world, there’s this fake PS5 – or GameStation 5 – that they can purchase for Christmas. Not only is it affordable at $25 (or $15-20, depending on where you look), it also comes with 200 games so you don’t have to spend a penny on those $70 AAAs.

Let’s watch the fake PS5 in action

The GameStation 5 has been around for a while so it’s nothing new but it caught my attention when I saw an actual video showcasing the console and its games. There are plenty of unboxing videos but none that show the true power of this thing quite like YouTuber Spawn Wave.

I actually became curious and started digging around to see where I can find this GameStation 5 and AliExpress delivered, as always. The package comes complete with a stand like the actual PS5 and knock off DualShock 3s. It’s an 8-bit console so you don’t need any fancy screens, but unfortunately, no game saves. If you die, you die.

The product description I found states that GameStation 5 supports NTSC so it’s a step ahead of PS Plus Premium classics in most regions that are stuck with poorly performing PAL games. Rest assured, GameStation 5 will not be a stutter fest.

Jokes aside, it’s crazy to think that these consoles have enough demand for them to be produced nearly every generation with the same old games. At this point, they’ve got to be more profitable than the PlayStation Classic, which bombed critically and commercially, and ended up going from $100 to a whopping $20 brand-new at retail.

In other news, PS Plus Essential July 2022 lineup has been leaked by the trusty Dealabs, and so have Hogwarts Legacy’s pre-order bonuses (thanks to the official website) that apparently include 72-hour early access.

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