Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Are Making Hilarious Movie Fan Castings

Rockstar Games has spawned numerous cinematic video game series since the company burst onto the scene back in 1998. However, while titles such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and bully captured the hearts of players through the advanced sandbox gameplay features they have to offer, many fans continue to play Red Dead Redemption 2 solely for its scripted yet sprawling Western narrative. So, given this heavy focus on storytelling, the Red Dead Redemption community has come together to speculate on a film adaptation, although this fan casting lends itself more to the comedy Western Blazing Saddles rather than Unforgiven.


Many critics would concur that Red Dead Redemption 2’s diverse cast of colorful characters ranks among Rockstar’s crowning video game achievements, despite the game’s expansive free roam map packed with collectibles, Easter eggs, plus countless animal species. After all, there are a very select amount of video game casts that have been able to win over their audience’s affections in the same way as Arthur Morgan, Sadie Adler, and John Marston. With this being the case, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many gamers still pay tribute to the characters with stunningly creative Red Dead Redemption 2 fan tributes.

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With the endearing cast of characters helming the video game, some fans think Red Dead Redemption 2 would serve as an interesting gritty movie. However, this time around, one fan has taken to Reddit to offer others the opportunity to see what a Red Dead Redemption 2 movie adaptation might look like if they combined the action-adventure Western with the hilarious sitcom show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. On top of this, including a supporting cast filled with several acclaimed contemporary comedians like Eric Andre and the controversial Sam Hyde.

User HowerTwo shared a series of images from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that feature the show’s comedic characters in various Western-themed outfits and get-ups, including one rather bizarre yet hilarious wig for actor Danny DeVito. Shaping up to be a bizarre but also somewhat visually accurate interpretation of Red Dead Redemption 2’s iconic characters, the cast selection is quite broad, with the imaginary video game movie starring Charlie Day as Arthur Morgan, Rob McElhenney as John Marston, Glenn Howerton as Dutch van der Linde, Kaitlin Olson as Micah Bell, and Danny DeVito as Sadie Adler.

Many members from the community expanded upon the Red Dead Redemption 2 fan movie casting with more suggestions, such as “Bill Ponderosa as Pearson,” “The Lawyer as Strauss,” and “Charles Barbara Reynolds as Catherine Braithwaite.” But it appears this hypothetical film will include more icons from the comedy business, as one user suggested that “Sam Hyde and Eric Andre” should make an appearance, although “in varying outfits for every character” to create one of the most absurdist comedy Westerns ever released. Additionally, one user put forward that eccentric actor Jeff Goldblum should play the fugitive Abigail Marston, with Don Cheadle as Lenny Summers.

In summary, many fans would love to see what a comedic adaptation of the game would look like, particularly with the outrageously funny Danny DeVito as the guns-blazing outlaw Sadie Adler. Having said that, some users criticized that “a live-action movie adaptation would suck” since it will be challenging to “squeeze a 60-hour story” into a two-hour film. Nevertheless, despite releasing over three years ago, it’s clear Red Dead Redemption 2 remains to be one of the most sought after video game to movie adaptations.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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