How To Download Games Faster On PS4

The PlayStation 4 has various tricks to speed up your downloads, but you can only go as far as your internet speed. Therefore, we’re teaching you how to download games faster on PS4 without changing your internet service.

If you’re planning on downloading faster on the console, there’re various things you can do. Bear in mind some of the best titles, like Red Dead Redemption 2, feature a 100GB size.

Also, the PS4 is almost nine years old, and some older models may have a problem with the Wi-Fi card. It means the connection speed may be lower than it should.

How to Download Games Faster

You can take steps to make games download faster on PlayStation 4. If you’re planning on downloading something like Red Dead Redemption 2, you need the fastest speed possible.

The best option relies on enabling automatic downloads and Rest Mode downloads. Other methods include switching DNS, adding a static IP, using a proxy server, and similar.

You can try these solutions for the PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim, or the PS4 Pro. These consoles share interfaces and services, so the steps will be the same.

Before you dive in, we advise you to test your internet speed on this site. Simply press the GB button to check your status.

No matter what you do, the PS4 won’t download games any faster than the theoretical maximum speed of your internet plan by your service provider. However, it can reach its upper limits, its full potential.

Enable Automatic Downloads

Your best option is enabling automatic downloads. It will help the console download your games, even on standby mode.

Here’re the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Power Saving Settings ps4 power save settings
  3. Go to Set Features Available in Rest Mode
  4. Enable both Stay Connected to the Internet and Turning On PS4 from Network rest mode features

These settings allow your console to download queued content while in Rest Mode.

Additionally, here’s how to enable automatic downloads:

  1. Select Settings > System ps4 system
  2. Select Automatic Downloads
  3. Enable both System Software Update Files and Application Update Files ps4 automatic download features

Now, as long as your PS4 is on or in Rest Mode, it will download all pending content. The system can even download as you play, but it will prioritize your multiplayer experiences.

However, you can’t play a game as it’s currently downloading. If you try to do it, it may damage the file.

Lastly, we have to point out that you can’t refund PS4 games that are currently downloading.

Add a Public DNS Address

A DNS (domain name system) connects web browsers with websites. Your internet service provider grants you a DNS, but it may not be as good as the alternative.

The alternative is using a public DNS. Various tech companies share them to improve worldwide internet connection.

Here’re various public DNS addresses that work well with the PlayStation 4. These are free and available worldwide:

What you need to do is change the PS4 DNS setting. Instead of letting it add the number automatically, you will put it manually via the Network settings menu.

  1. Go to Settings > Network network ps4
  2. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  3. Select Wi-Fi or LAN Cabledepending on what you’re using wifi or lan
  4. Select Custom
  5. If you’re using Wi-Fi, select your network and type the password
  6. On IP Settings, select Automatic ip settings automatic
  7. On DHCP, select Do Not Specify dhcp do not specify
  8. On DNS settings, select Manual
  9. Type tea Primary and Secondary DNS set up manual dns ps4
  10. Select Next
  11. On Proxy Server, select Do Not Use proxy server do not use
  12. Select Internet connection test to validate the process

You can try any of the public DNS addresses I shared above and see if it increased your download and internet speeds.

Add a Static IP Address to Your PS4/PS5

On a similar note, you can add a Static IP address. Let me explain: every time a device logs into the Wi-Fi, the router will assign a dynamic IP address to it. Every device on the network has a different address to avoid conflicts.

A static address is a set number; it doesn’t change. As a result, the connection stability is better. So, you can add one via the PS4’s network menu.

The static IP should be similar to the dynamic IP. The only thing that changes is the last digit, as you can add +50 or +100, or anything in-between.

So, you need to check the IP address first by checking the Connection Status:

  1. Go to Settings > Network
  2. Select View Connection Status view connection status
  3. Write down the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway information. You’re going to use it later. connection status ps4

Also, take note of your NAT Type. If it’s “NAT Type 3,” you may need to change it via the router’s admin page. Otherwise, online multiplayer won’t work properly on your console.

Next up, you can add a static IP address like so:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection set up internet connection
  4. Select Wi-Fi or LAN Cabledepending on what you’re using
  5. Select Custom custom internet connection ps4
  6. If you’re using Wi-Fi, select your network and type the password
  7. On IP Settings, select Manual manual ip settings
  8. We IP Address, place the first number, but change the last digit. For example, if the address was “,” you can now add “ up ip address
  9. Next, add the same Subnet Mask as before
  10. Now add the same Default Gateway as before default gateway
  11. Add a public DNS (Primary and Secondary) as we showed you before. You can use for Primary and for Secondary primary and secondary dns
  12. Select Next to validate the process
  13. Select automatic MTU settings automatic mtu settings
  14. Select “Do not use on Proxy server
  15. Select “internet connection test“to finish the process. If it doesn’t work, try again by adding another digit to the last section of the IP address test internet connection after new ip

A Static IP can fix your console’s connection. Moreover, it can improve the speed just as much as adding a public DNS address. In other words, you could try this fix on a LAN connection to improve the speed and stability.

Use a Proxy

A proxy server is a router that provides a gateway between the internet and a device. You can install a proxy server on your computer and tell the PS4 to use.

As a result, you will be protected against cyber-attacks and data theft. You may also see an increase in your connection speed.

First, you must download and install a proxy server on your PC. You can check CCProxy if you’re a Windows user or SquidMan if you’re a macOS user. Both are free.

Then, you have to launch the Proxy on your PC and get its IP and port numbers. CCProxu offers the information in its options menu. ip address proxy server

Finally, put this information on your PS4 like so:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Select Wi-Fi or Lan
  5. Select Custom
  6. Select Automatic for everything except Proxy
  7. On Proxy, add your server’s IP and port number add proxy ps4

Additional Advice

To close up the troubleshooter, we’re sharing some easier solutions you can try:

  • Use an ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi. If the router is too fat, you may try using a Wi-Fi extender or a MoCA extender.
  • Download one item at a time. You can access the Download menu by pressing the controller’s PS button, then the Options button, and select Downloads.
  • Avoid playing online while downloading, or pause your downloads as you play.
  • If the download is stuck, try pausing and then resuming the process.
  • Soft reset the console to reset its cache. You can do it by unplugging all of its cables for 5 minutes and then plugging them back.
  • Update the PS4 to its latest version. Updates are automatic, but you can check if the console missed an update by going to Settings > System Software Update.

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