10 Best PS5 Air Combat Video Games of All Time

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One of the beautiful things about video games is that they’re able to let you do things beyond what most could possibly do. Case in point, have you ever wanted to fly a plane? How about fly a jet into a warzone? If so, and if you have a PS5, you’ll want to check out these air combat games.

#10 Marvel’s Iron Man VR

This game kind of speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say? After all, this is a VR title (that you can play via the PS VR headset) that allows you to be Iron Man in the first-person perspective. Thus giving the true feeling of being the armored Avenger and seeing what it’s like to fly around as him.

All the while, you’ll get to fight one of his Rogue’s Gallery via the Ghost, who is determined to take Tony Stark (aka you) down.

Between the VR headset and the motion controls, you’ll get to control Iron Man’s suit, fly, shoot repulsor blasts and more.

Ready to follow up?

#9 Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars puts an interesting spin on the war fight genre. Because in this game, set within WWI and II in various ways, you’ll be part of a resistance movement trying to help end the war. You’ll set out on 7 different campaigns with 49 different missions for you to do.

As you do, you’ll get to choose from a variety of aircraft, each of which has different skills, and missions to partake in. Will you be the scout that ensures the mission can go through? The bomber that drops the payload? The fighter planes who protect the convoy or shoot down the enemy aces in the air?

Fly through the story mode and then take on the multiplayer to see just how far your skills can take you!

#8 Bomber Crew

If you’re looking for something a bit more cartoony, but also with a lot more strategy, then you should give Bomber Crew a look.

In this game, you’ll take the role of someone who is in charge of making a literal bomber crew for a WWII bomber aircraft. Sounds simple, right? Except, you’ll need to make sure you’ve prepped your crew for everything to come, and then once the mission starts…you’ll need to command them.

Because every mission is different and intense as you’ll have to make sure you get to your target, drop your payload, get back safely, all the while fighting enemy craft and trying to keep your crew alive.

There’s a lot of challenge in this game, but that might excite some of you, so go forth and have at it!

#7 The Falconeer

Oh, you thought that we’d only be talking about metal plane combat? Oh no, no, no, there are other ways to fly as The Falconeer shows you.

In this game, you’ll be taken to a world that has been poisoned by the decisions of those who are upon it, and now, you must take to the skies on a mighty warbird in order to try and fight back and take back the world you love.

As you play through this game you’ll not only experience gripping free-flying combat, but a story and world that is rich in lore and mystery. You’ll be playing as different people throughout the campaign and by the end, you’ll know just what happened to the world, and its people…

#6 Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Further breaking your expectations of this list, we now present to you Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. This game takes you to the year 2299, where you’ll be fighting with aircraft that are space-capable…and are able to transform into mech suits!

The game has you fighting for the Earth across a variety of battles and battlefields. 17 missions await you as you try and save the planet and survive the firefights that are to come.

As for why the Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is the one on this list, it’s one that got a graphical overhaul, it improved the main content of the game, and added in bonus content for you to play!

So head out into space and see if you can be the to save the planet!

#5 InnerSpace

What’s that? You want us to FURTHER break expectations? As you wish.

InnerSpace is one that is a plane combat game…but only in the looser terms of the word. We say that because this game is all about exploration. Specifically, you’re exploring a set of worlds within a dimension that is about to fade away.

You are tasked with flying your ship through these inverted worlds in order to find the memories of the place so that they are not lost forever. This is a mission of discovery as much as recovery, and the stunning visuals and fun physics of the game will make you want to see every nook and cranny of each world before they’re gone.

So if you’re looking for a very different kind of title…here you go.

#4 SkyDrift Infinity

Shall we head back to the more “typical” kind of air combat games? Good! Because SkyDrift Infinity takes that baton and runs with it as far as it possible can.

Because this arcade style game puts you up against friends and foes alike as you do everything from standard deathmatches to doing armored races in your planes.

The goal is simple, beat them, outrace them, and if that’s hard to do? Shoot them down in a blaze of glory…and defeat for them.

Each of the modern planes you’ll get will have “extreme weaponry”, so wield it to the fullest so that you can be the one who comes out on top. Do you have what it takes? Jump in and find out!

#3 Eagle Flight

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be “like a bird in the sky”, here’s your chance. Eagle Flight is a title from Ubisoft believe it or not, and it’s set in a world where humanity has been gone for 50 years.

As a result, the birds of the sky roam it alone, and that includes you. You’ll be able to go and fly over places like Paris, France and get a true “birds-eye view” of everything from the Notre Dame Cathedral, to the Eiffel Tower, to the high spots and low points of the entire city and beyond.

Then, when you want to “fight like a bird”, you can go into the multiplayer mode and fight it out against just about everyone you can scrap with.

#2 War Thunder

War Thunder is honestly a rather special game because not only does it offer a wide array of planes for you to go and fly…it’s actually free to play.

Yep, this is a cross-platform MMO where you’ll be able to fly all sorts of craft from military history in large and expansive battles to determine who is better. But, it’s not just battles in the air you can do, it’s also battles on the ground, and on the water.

The team behind War Thunder put a LOT into making this game special, and as a result, you kind of owe it to them to download it (for free!!!!) and see just how much you like the experience.

#1 Ace Combat

If you’re wanting to have the truest and best experiences with the plane combat genre, then you need to go and check out the Ace Combat line.

Why? Because the team at Bandai Namco have done everything they can to make it feel and look as real as possible even with adding in a more arcade style of combat to the game. Just in the latest one, Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, they boast “photorealistic” graphics while you’re in the sky and fighting other planes.

The combat itself is known to be fast and intense, and you’ll need to use your senses and awareness of the battlefield to come out on top. So get in the cockpit and see if you can be an ace.

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