5 best RPG games discounted in Steam Summer Sale 2022

The Steam Summer Sale has finally started and RPGs are one of the most popular genres of video games among the selection. Here, players are allowed a good deal of control over how the protagonist functions and what skills and abilities they can learn. Sometimes, this might also include how the story progresses or whether the protagonist is a conscientious person.

With the Steam Summer Sale underway, more than a handful of RPGs have gotten quite the concession in their prices. From first-person shooters to third-person melee brawlers or games set in a futuristic setting, people can take their pick during the two weeks that the Steam Summer Sale lasts,

People on the market for an RPG to enjoy should definitely make good use of this sale before it ends. Here are five good choices to pick from, for RPGs with a good discount on the Steam Summer Sale.

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5 RPGs to get for discount during the Steam Summer Sale

1.Monster Hunter Rise


The sixth main entry for the Monster Hunter game series, Monster Hunter Rise, is a third-person action RPG available at the Steam Summer Sale. This game, much like the older entries in the series, tasks players with creating a new Hunter in the universe and directs them to chase down, kill, or capture various giant monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise can be played both in single-player as well as multiplayer, with hunters having access to various melee weapons, capable of hurting even the largest of monsters. The core gameplay loop revolves around taking down various creatures and using parts extracted from them to craft better gear, which in turn helps take down bigger monsters.

Players are aided on the field by their furry pet Palico (an anthropomorphic cat) teammate, just like previous games in the series, as well as a new large wolf companion known as a palamute. This game currently has a 49% discount on the base edition and a 52% discount on the deluxe edition.

2.Elder Scrolls Online


This MMORPG is set in the same world as Skyrim, in the fictional world of Nirn and across the continent of Tamriel. Elder Scrolls Online takes place 800 years before the events of Skyrim, as well as before the first couple of games in the series. The game is available for purchase with a 70% discount during the Steam Summer Sale event.

Developed by Zenimax Online Studios and published by Bethesda, the title was originally released on April 4, 2014, for PC. It has since been released for PS4 & Xbox One, and has also been upgraded for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It features non-linear gameplay through various quests taken up by the players, as well as new events for each expansion.

Players can create a character from a variety of races and nationalities, can focus on melee abilities and magical powers, and even mix both as their preferred form of combat. They may travel to any of the large playable areas of the map at any point and undertake quests from various NPCs, either solo or in a group of up to 12 people.

3.Cyberpunk 2077


Granted Cyberpunk 2077 has had a troubled launch period, but the devs have fixed many issues since then through constant updates and patches. While some core unaddressable problems remain, these are relatively minor and do not detract much from the gameplay.

Set in the futuristic setting of Night City, the player character, V, is immersed in a series of events after attempting to steal a secret from the owner or a large multinational corporation. Slowly being possessed by the consciousness of a dead rock star (played by Keanu Reeves himself), V must find a way to take back control of their own mind.

Gameplay takes the form of a first-person shooter, although melee combat is also an option. Players can also learn to hack enemies through their biochips as well as other mechanical gadgets with offensive capabilities, to use to their advantage. Cyberpunk 2077 can be bought during the Steam Summer Sale with a 50% discount.

4. Horizon Zero Dawn


If PC players are still to get their hands on Horizon Zero Dawn, they can take this as a recommendation. Having initially released for the PS4 in 2017, it was made available on Steam for PCs in August 2020, which also makes it available for the Steam Summer Sale.

Set in a world of the future, after a glorious age of technology eventually led to the downfall of humanity, the game tells the story of protagonist Aloy as she must find out the truth about who she really is. Aloy is a young orphaned girl, adopted by Rost when she was just a baby. Now as an adult, she must set out on a journey to earn her place in her tribe.

The game is played from a third-person perspective, with Aloy using bows and arrows for long-range combat and a spear for close quarters. The open-world is populated with giant mechanical creatures, some of which are aggressive while others are less violent. With a 50% discount currently being offered as part of the Steam Summer Sale, this is a great opportunity to jump into Aloy’s story.

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


With the Kenobi series just ending, Star Wars fans might be in the mood to have an adventure with a lightsaber. The Steam Summer Sale is a great chance for them to buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as the title is currently sporting a 70% discount.

Developed by Respawn entertainment and published by EA, this single-player game is set between the events of episode III and episode IV. Jedi padawan Cal Kestis is the protagonist, who is found out of hiding by Inquisitors, and has to rely on a group of new allies if he has any hope of surviving.

The game employs a great blend of souls-like mechanics with its combat and checkpointing features, while also serving up Metroidvania elements with its world design. Lightsaber combat is intricate and enjoyable, while the force abilities unlocked throughout the story really give the players a chance at being a Jedi.

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