10 Best Suits In Spider-Man PS4

One of the fun, fan-favorite features in Insomniac Games’ 2018 smash hit for the PlayStation 4 Spiderman was that players can change Spider-Man’s suit at will. A small selection of options was available from the game’s outset, and as the player made progress in the single-player story campaign, they could unlock more suits to try on.

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When combined with the game’s photo feature, the different outfits gamers could dress Spidey up in provided plenty of entertainment. Some suits were new additions based on the game’s storyline, while others were references to different iterations of the web-swinging superhero.

10 Advanced Suit: New And Exciting

The Advanced Suit is one of the suits Spider-Man specifically created during Spider Man PS4‘s story after his original suit gets damaged during the raid on Kingpin. It’s a fresh take on the classic blue and red Spider-Man suit, incorporating white highlights and sleeker, more dynamic lines for the blue cutouts.

The Advanced Suit also comes with the suit power Battle Focus. This increases the player’s Focus bar at a much quicker rate than usual for a limited time, allowing them to perform more Finisher moves or heal damage more frequently.

9 Classic Suit (Repaired): Historic And Iconic

For most of his career in Marvel’s lineup, Spider-Man has had the same basic design. While minor details change over the years, his typical red suit with blue color-blocking and black spiderwebs sticks around. The Classic Suit is Insomniac Games’ take on this time-honored costume.

The suit players wear at the game’s beginning, the iconic suit becomes the damaged version of the Classic Suit in their inventory after they complete the first mission. This version of the Classic Suit comes with one of the most useful suit powers in the game, Web Blossom, which shoots a massive amount of webbing out in a radius from Spider-Man’s current location — stunning or capturing enemies nearby.

8 Black Suit: A Stealthy Reference

Black Spider-Man is a spin-off of the Spider-Man comics which takes place in the 1930s. This iteration of Spider-Man typically features a gritty, black-and-white detective noir aesthetic, which this solid black suit perfectly matches. The chest piece is a black leather vest with a collar, and instead of his footwear being a part of the suit, this Spidey is equipped with knee-high black leather combat boots.

To go along with its all-black look, the suit power for the Noir Suit is one of stealth. Sound of Silence prevents enemies from contacting their compatriots for help and keeps Spider-Man’s combat quiet so the only way he can be detected while it’s active is via sight.

7 Negative Suit: Unsettling Attack Power

Based on the aesthetic of in-game villain Martin Li’s ability to harness and control negative energy, the Negative Suit is a photonegative version of the Advanced Suit. The parts which would typically be red are white, and the blue sections have become blue-tinted black.

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As a result of flipping the suit to this color scheme, it takes on an eerie, unsettling quality. The suit power for the Negative Suit is also based on Martin Li, sending a wave of negative energy out in a small radius and damaging any nearby enemies caught in its wake.

6 Spider-Punk: Rock And Roll

Spider-Punk is a gift to any Spidey fan who’s wanted to see him get a little wild. The suit itself is a variation on the usual, although with more blue and with white lines instead of the spider insignia.

Over it, Spider-Man wears red high-top sneakers, a denim vest decorated with pins, and a mohawk of short black spikes along the top of the mask. This suit’s power sends out sonic shockwaves from an electric guitar that shoot enemies into the air and then slam them back down to the ground.

5 Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit: A New Era

Spiderman includes two suits worn by Miguel O’Hara, an alternate version of Spider-Man from the year 2099. Fans who are less well-versed in the lore of the comics will have met him in the after-credits scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

This version of Miguel’s suit, while called the black suit, appears in the game as a dark blue color. The chest has a spider design reminiscent of a skull and there are sharp spines along the outer forearms. This suit’s power is Low Gravity, which increases how long Spider-Man can remain airborne and perform aerial moves in a fight.

4 Iron Spider: A Visit From The MCU

Despite his comparatively recent appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the current movie iteration of Spider-Man won over the hearts of many fans. These fans were excited to see some of his unique MCU-movie suits included in the Spiderman video game.

One of these was his particular version of the Iron Spider armor, crafted by Tony Stark. In the films, this suit had several robotic spider-legs that could emerge from its back. The game included these appendages as this outfit’s suit power, which players could use to combat armored enemies and deal a wider range of damage.

3 Vintage Comic Book Suit: An Off-The-Page Appearance

Modern methods of computer animation have given animators and game designers the ability to make three-dimensional models which have a two-dimensional look to them. Insomniac Games capitalized on this with the Vintage Comic Book Suit. When wearing this suit, Spider-Man looks like he walked right off the pages of a comic book and onto gamers’ screens.

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Spider-Man’s suit power is even a play on his classic one-liners, as enabling Quips lets the player listen to Spidey’s sarcastic sense of humor as he fights. This power is mostly for player entertainment as the Quips don’t do anything in combat aside from possibly staggering oncoming enemies for a moment.

2 Last Stand Suit: More Of An Outfit

Inspired by an alternate-universe version of Spider-Man from the comics, the Last Stand Suit takes an entirely different approach to superhero costumes. Instead of one solid suit, the Last Stand Suit consists of a buttoned-up red leather jacket with a black spider insignia, red gloves, black jeans, sensible black shoes, and the usual Spider-Man mask, but without the black lines.

Although it’s unusual compared to the other suits, the Last Stand Suit carries a certain confidence. When Spider-Man’s wearing his alternate universe threads, the Web-Slinger truly looks ready to take on anything.

1 Undies: Pure Fanservice And Entertainment

The Undies suit, or the Spidey-Whities as some fans call it, is built purely for entertainment. In this “suit,” Peter Parker is wearing nothing but the Spider-Man mask, his web shooters, and some cartoon Spider-Man patterned underwear. As he moves through the city in this outfit, it highlights his strength and defined, lean physique. The Undies suit power is risky but fun for gamers to play around with. With the Equalizer suit power equipped, all characters in the game go down with one hit, including the player.

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