The Best Mickey Mouse Games

There are few fictional characters as recognizable as the all-powerful mascot, Mickey Mouse. Since he’s so well known, it only made sense that Disney would attempt to capitalize on that by reaching out to gamers. Since Mickey’s first dive into the world of gaming, he’s been in countless exciting titles.

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As imaginative as the various tales Mickey Mouse often found himself a part of within his cartoons, his video games often see him going on fantastical adventures filled with magic. Tons of people grew up with a Mickey Mouse title, and there’s likely even one you hold close to your heart — but only a few can be the best of the best.


10 Disney’s Magical Mirror

If there are a few Mickey games that are probably best enjoyed by diehard fans of the mouse, Disney’s Magical Mirror might be one of those games. It was released for the GameCube, but it is actually a point-and-click adventure game.

The majority of the game is made up of you controlling Mickey to gather shards of a destroyed mirror, in order to get Mickey back to the real world. The game takes a while to get the hang of, but once you do, it may be a Mickey Mouse adventure you’ll enjoy.

9 Epic Mickey 2

While people often share their love for the art style of Epic Mickey, its sequel Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two goes unnoticed by many. It is often viewed as a sequel that created more problems than it solved thanks to additions, but many still found it to be a fun experience.

In a blast from the past, you and a friend can control Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit, as you attempt to save the Wasteland. Fans of the first game will probably enjoy its sequel, so long as they weren’t expecting too many changes to the formula that originally worked.

8 land of illusion

Released for both the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear, Land Of Illusion is a relatively simple platforming experience, but a fun one. It features the common Mickey Mouse story set-up of having the mouse wind up in a fantasy world.

Like many games of that era, it could be quite easy or brutally hard depending on the section and the player’s skill. However, the fourteen unique levels featured in the game keep the entire experience fresh. With lots of creative ideas, Land Of Illusion is a classic that fans of the mouse won’t want to miss.

7 Disney’s Magical Quest 3

The original version of this game was never released outside of Japan, but fans of Mickey did finally get it on the Game Boy Advance years later. Due to the West never getting the original version officially, playing the multiplayer version of the game is tough.

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It’s a fine addition to the series and continues the trend of great Mickey Mouse games, but it has been criticized for being too easy. It’s just unfortunate that the West never got it on SNES, so that fans of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could control the characters at the same time.

6 Mickey’s Speedway USA

People might have forgotten that Rare actually made this Nintendo 64 racing game. While it wasn’t enough of a hit to battle against Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey’s Speedway USA is still a fun little kart racer.

It’s clear that the game was made for the biggest fans of Mickey Mouse and his friends, and those people will probably have a lot of fun driving around as their favorite characters. Surprisingly, it got a Game Boy Color port that is widely regarded as even better than the N64 version.

5 mickey mania

While Mickey Mania is easily one of the easiest Mickey Mouse games in existence, it’s still a game that any superfan will have a ton of fun with. Acting as a blast-from-the-past before that kind of thing was in style, you get to play as Mickey as he makes his way through classic adventures.

Regardless of whether you play the SNES or Sega versions, Mickey Mania is an easy game to pick up and play. There isn’t much to learn in regards to learning how to play it, making it a game for all ages.

4 Great Circus Mystery

There is a lot to like about the Mickey Mouse games on the much-loved SNES, but one of the biggest things to love about The Great Circus Mystery is its co-op. You and a friend can experience the fun little Disney platformer and its many levels together.

The set-up for the story is simple: Mickey and Minnie want to go see a circus that’s rolled into town, but some of their friends have gone missing. You and a friend then play through the adventure to discover just what has happened to the likes of Donald and Pluto.

3 Castle Of Illusion

Whether playing the original game on Sega consoles or the remake on PS3 and Xbox 360, Castle Of Illusion is a fun and incredibly replayable platformer. While the remake isn’t the most graphically demanding game, the original was regarded as an incredible visual achievement.

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It’s a classic tale of Mickey trying to save Minnie, but in order to do that Mickey must find seven unique gems. There aren’t a ton of levels, but what levels there are will practically be begging you to play them again thanks to their fantastic design and great music.

2 The Magical Quest

There is a reason that fans of the Super Nintendo still sing the praises of this game to this day. The Magical Quest is one of the most colorful and inventive games to grace the system, making a simple platformer a ton of fun.

The entire point of the game is to rescue Pluto from Pete, but you get plenty of unique outfits to do that. The different outfits act as power-ups for Mickey, granting him abilities far beyond what he had in his original get-up.

1 Epic Mickey

When one of the biggest complaints your game faces is a lack of actual voice acting, you’ve done something right. Epic Mickey was a breath of fresh air for the character, and told a much more imaginative story than had been attempted before.

The entire premise surrounds Mickey Mouse dealing with the most forgotten members of Disney’s backlog of characters. It’s a unique game that oozes a lot of charm, and it’s one that any Mickey Mouse fan will surely have plenty of fun with.

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