Tech YouTuber Creates Functioning PS5 Slim

Tech YouTuber DIY Perks has created a PS5 Slim before Sony gets to it, and has shown off his sleek and thin build running a game. DIY Perks basically stripped down the original PS5 and relocated components to come up with his water-cooled console, and it has people hoping that Sony will eventually offer a slim version of the console.

Will Sony ever make a PS5 Slim?

We have no indication that Sony plans to significantly revise the PS5 or create a PS5 Slim so DIY Perks’ creation, as showcased in the video above (via ResetEra), is the closest thing we’ll see for now. The console will hit its two-year mark in November and has only gone through some minor model revisions thus far to update heat sink and communication equipment.

That said, there have been rumblings of a PS5 Pro. In early May, AMD hinted that it was creating a “next-gen console chip” that sparked speculations of a mid-gen upgrade. In late May, television manufacturer TCL delivered a presentation to its stakeholders in which it projected a PS5 Pro release window of 2023/24. However, many pointed out that TCL is merely trying to promote its televisions and wouldn’t be privy to such information.

What we are almost sure of, however, is a PS5 Pro controller. Known and reliable insider Tom Henderson recently reported that Sony will soon be introducing a Pro DualSense along with some other hardware, but he didn’t elaborate on the latter. Henderson tweeted today that he intends to reveal more about the hardware this week if he gets the green light to do so.

In other news, we compiled a brief list of PS Plus Extra games with fun and easy Platinum trophies for our readers, and you’ll be able to smack your friends with baguettes in LEGO Brawls this September.

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