LEGO Brawls’ PS5 and PS4 Release Date: September 2, 2022

LEGO has definitely been able to branch out of its usual toys into other types of entertainment like movies, series, and games. Now, the LEGO Brawls’ is expected to make its way to the PS5 and PS4 this September 2.

LEGO Brawls is the latest Lego Game for PS5 and PS4

According to the story by Push Square, LEGO Brawls is the latest “iteration of the iconic children’s playset” that is entering the realm of video games. This isn’t the first time that LEGO has made video games with one of its classic versions being the LEGO Starwards video game.

An official trailer was released on YouTube by PlayStation, showing a glimpse of what players can expect from the upcoming game. For those who have seen the LEGO movie, the new game includes a lot of cool visuals and characters, allowing players to experience an immersive player world.

LEGO Brawls to Come to PS5 and PS4 on September 2

Fans, however, will have to wait for an official gameplay trailer in order to really find out how the upcoming LEGO Brawls game is expected to play out. A gameplay trailer could also let users see exactly what playing the game would look like.

The game is expected to come to PS5 and PS4 this September 2 and will be taking a lot of inspiration from the popular “Super Smash Brothers” franchise. The article by Push Square, however, notes that the game could have something unique on its own.

Players Can Customize Their LEGO Characters Within the Game

Instead of playing characters from different video game franchises, players will be able to create their very own brawler. Characters can be created from different pieces coming from official LEGO sets.

These include sets like Pirates, Alien Conquest, Classic Space, Castle, or even Ninjago. There will also be a lot of eye-watering, over 77 trillion possible customizations for the players’ characters upon launch, according to PlayStation.

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How Does LEGO Brawls Differ from ‘Super Smash Brothers’

While “Super Smash Brothers” revolves a lot around the popularity of each character LEGO Brawls will allow players to create their own character. This move is an interesting way to get players into the game’s ecosphere, as players will be able to create unique pieces and battle things out with other players.

What isn’t known as of press time is the ability of the players and whether certain customizations can unlock certain abilities. Players will have to wait until the game’s official launch, or at least a gameplay trailer is revealed in order to learn more about character abilities within the game.

Although it isn’t much known about what the gameplay will be like, players are at least guaranteed the ability to make their own characters to start their journey as the strongest LEGO player in LEGO Brawls.

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