Another Cross-Gen Release Has Been Cancelled On PS4 And Xbox One

Yet another previously announced cross-gen title has been canceled on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, suggesting that developers and publishers are finally moving away from supporting last-gen hardware.

Earlier this month Warner Bros. announced that its multiplayer action-adventure Gotham Knights would no longer launch on PS4 and Xbox One, and would instead focus on new-gen consoles and PC to provide a better experience for the player. It now seems this was the first of many games to meet a similar fate on last-gen.

As reported by PlayStation Universe, it looks as if upcoming horror game The Song has been canceled on PS4 and Xbox One.

In a recent teaser for the game, publisher Prime Matter and developer Brass Token confirmed it will launch for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S “Fall 2022”, with absolutely no mention of the previously announced PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Song is an action horror game set on the tormented grounds of a new age cult, that fulfills players’ thrill of supernatural horrors dealing with the dark sides of spirituality and cultism, and untangles terrifying revelations about the universe,” reads the game’s official description.

Prime Matter, a recently founded publishing label under Koch Media, announced the game back in 2021. At this stage, last-gen consoles were very much part of the plan.

The publisher hasn’t given a specific reason as to why the last-gen versions have been cancelled, or even made mention of their cancellation at all. As far as we can see, they’re just… not there anymore.

It’s likely that Brass Token simply realized that the game isn’t running well enough on last-gen hardware to offer players a worthwhile experience. After all, we won’t soon forget how badly CD Projekt RED struggled to get Cyberpunk 2077 to work on PS4 and Xbox One, to the point that its launch led to a deluge of refund requests.


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