10 Video Games That Had Great Jungle and Forest Settings

The great outdoors has always offered a unique appeal, both in video games and real-life. It denotes the boundless wild where adventure beckons, whether one is hiking, camping or simply exploring. It makes sense that this appeal would carry over into video games.

Of course, adventures that would otherwise be impossible – like surviving in a jungle and searching for ancient treasure – become all the more tenable in a video game. So let’s take a look at 10 games that had great forest and jungle settings along with what made them so unique.

Far Cry 2

The sequel is more popular – and responsible for establishing the current formula of the series – but there’s just something so appealing about Far Cry 2’s setting. As a mercenary sent in to hunt The Jackal, an arms dealer contributing to both sides in the war, players navigate through sweeping forests, plains and intricate jungles with a wide range of vehicles, from boats to hang gliders.

Malaria is also a factor, requiring the player to treat it with medicine or risk death, and there are limited healing supplies. The world itself feels alive with various animals roaming about, and physics influencing the environment, like fire that spreads naturally to surroundings. It’s not the most story-driven experience but the survival mechanics coupled with simply exploring the world as your Buddies lay out the next objective is still fairly unique.

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