Starfield gameplay means I’m going to betray PS5 and buy an Xbox Series X

Sorry Sony, I’m going to have to betray my beloved PlayStation 5 and buy my first ever Xbox. Why? Because Bethesda’s Starfield gameplay demo has given me all kinds of feels and now I want to play it at release in 2023… except I can’t as it’s an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Having written about tech and videogames for many years – I don’t get to play as much as I used to, new job pressures and all that life stuff – it feels a bit mad that I’ve never gone out and purchased an Xbox. Ever. I’ve never had any reason though: Halo was at my mates’ houses; I wasn’t that into the Gears series despite playing through a number for review purposes; Forza is at my brother’s house as a quick dip in and out kind of game.

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