Crisis Core Remaster Announced

After a leak yesterday, Square Enix has now confirmed that Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is set to release later this year. A remaster of the 2008 game for the PlayStation Portable, Meeting will feature all-new content, including “updated 3D models, full voiceovers and new music arrangements.” The game will also be available to a much broader audience than it was previously, as it will be available this winter on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. That should give a lot more players a chance to experience the events of the Final Fantasy VII prequel!

A trailer for Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion can be found in the Tweet from Square Enix embedded below.

For those unfamiliar with CrisisCorethe game takes place seven years before AVALANCHE’s attack on the Shinra Mako reactor. CrisisCore does not put players in the role of characters like Cloud, Aerith, or Sephiroth, but they do appear throughout the storyline. Instead, the game puts players in the role of Zack Fair, a minor character established in the 1997 game. The original version of CrisisCore released to strong reviews when it debuted on the PSP, so hopefully the remaster will receive equally strong reception!

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved games ever released. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the game’s debut on the original PlayStation, and Square Enix has been celebrating the anniversary in a number of different ways this year. In addition to the announcement of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – ReunionSquare Enix has revealed a number of additional games and products related to Final Fantasy VII. Meeting was revealed during a special Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary stream, where several other tie-ins were showcased, including a previously revealed clock based on Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. Of course, the biggest reveal during today’s stream was easily Final Fantasy VII Rebirthwhich readers can learn more about right here.

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