Berserk Manga Serialization Will Continue Past Kentaro Miura’s Death

Tea Berserk manga series will continue even after the death of its original creator, Kentaro Miura. The Young Animal magazine editing department published a statement that confirmed the manga’s continuation on publisher company Hakusensha’s website. The Japanese page also includes translations into English, Korean, and Chinese.

Kouji Mori, a fellow Young Animal manga artist and close friend of Kentaro Miura’s, was told about the overall storyline of Berserk through its conclusion. The two talked about the series in detail when Miura requested Mori’s help to create the iconic Eclipse scene in the early 1990s. At some point after Miura’s death, the late manga artist’s apprentices contacted Mori and Hakusensha about continuing the story.

Kentaro Miura’s apprentices will continue the Berserk manga as a collective group named Studio Gaga. Kouji Mori will oversee the group based on recollections of his conversations with Miura. Mori also declared that he will only write complete episodes and lines that he had heard directly from Miura.

Kentaro Miura started publishing his Berserk manga in Hakusensha’s Monthly Animal House magazine in 1989. Its first standalone tankobon volume came out in 1990. By the time Kentaro Miura died in May 2021, the series had 363 chapters and 40 tankobon volumes published. Chapter 364, which Miura had written and illustrated prior to his death, was published posthumously in September 2021. The series’ 41st tankobon volume was published in December of the same year.

Japanese game companies have also made several video games based on the franchise. The latest entry is Berserk and the Band of the Hawka hack-and-slash action game available on the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC.

The 365th chapter of Berserk will appear in the 13th issue of Young Animal 2022. The new manga magazine will go on sale in Japan on June 24, 2022. The group will produce five more chapters afterward to conclude the current Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter.

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