Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection Brings Wyld Old Games to New Systems

Limited Run Games is known for putting old video games out on modern hardware, but few games it handles are as “wyld” as the oft-forgotten Bill & Ted video games that came out over 30 years ago. The company announced that it was releasing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection, a bundle of two vintage video games based on the film franchise. This bundle will make its to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in the future and the limited pre-orders begin on June 9 and close on July 10.

The collection includes Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Game Boy Adventure: A Bogus Journey!. Both released in 1991, but the former came out on the NES, while the latter, as its name implies, originally hit the original Game Boy. The NES game was maligned at the time, as was often the case with publisher LJN, a company known for low-quality video games. LJN also put out the Game Boy game, but reception on that portable title is hard to track down.

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Limited Run has a few different editions on its store. The $34.99 version comes with just the two games. The $59.99 collector’s edition has the games, as well as the retro style box (that has an homage to LJN’s rainbow logo), Wyld Stallyns soundtrack, and a dust sleeve. There is also a Bill & Ted-themed skateboard deck for $74.99, but it doesn’t include the actual video game. The skateboard isn’t expected to ship until eight or nine months after the initial purchase, either. There’s also a $5.99 collectible card pack on Limited Run’s website.

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Co-Founder at Limited Run Games Josh Fairhurst said that Limited Run is also helping develop Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection in its Carbon Engine. The Carbon Engine has powered a few games like the Shantae Switch port and River City Girls Zero and supports the NES, SNES, Gensis, Game Gear, three of Nintendo’s Game Boys, Game Gear, and the Master System. PlayStation and Sega CD support are “coming soon.” Limited Run claims the engine gives developers an multiple ways to accurately and easily translate and modernize old games.

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