The Cyberpunk Cat Adventure Begins in July 2022

stray is finally heading to PlayStation consoles and PC in just a few weeks. On June 2, developer BlueTwelve Studio debuted a new trailer for the cyberpunk cat adventure game and revealed stray‘s long-awaited summer release date. Here’s when fans can expect to start playing.

A cat walks through a cyberpunk city in Stray, which just received a release date.

‘Stray’ | Annapurna Interactive

What is ‘Stray’ about?

In stray, players take on the role of a cat living in a futuristic Hong Kong-like city. According to BlueTwelve’s game synopsis, the stray kitty will “untangle an ancient mystery” in its attempt to escape the city and find its family. Along the way, the cat meets a drone named B12, who will help the cat find clues to the mystery and take down dangerous enemies.

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