Troll posts fake Bloodborne Remastered PS5 announcement

As we head into “Not E3” and the upcoming PlayStation State of Play, trolls across social media have started to post all sorts of fake rumors. And today, there was one in particular that was so well executed many believed it to be true.

If you’re at all familiar with video game leaks, you’re probably aware of the Twitter account “nibel.” It’s one of the industry’s most prominent video games leaker.

Well, it seems someone thought it funny to make a fake “Nibel” account that’s similar in every way except the for the actual handle. You see, the real Nibel goes by @Nibellion. This fake one uses an “l” so it looks like @Nlbellion. If you were to quickly glance at a post by this fake one, you’d probably not think otherwise.

So today, the fake Nibel shared a fake PlayStation announcement for Bloodborne Remastered. Complete with a list of features and even a PlayStation blog link, it was quite believable — especially with how many people have clamored for a Bloodborne PS5 remaster.

Anyway, it turns out the tweet was fake, obviously. The link does actually go to the PlayStation blog but it’s from a 2015 article about how you’ll be playing Bloodborne for a long, long time. I mean, they weren’t wrong. Just this weekend I installed Bloodborne on my PS5 to play it.

Fake announcements and bs rumors are nothing new to the video game industry. In fact, it happens across all of social media. But with tons of upcoming events, expect to see more of these troll posts. Heck, there was even a supposed leak lineup of announcements for the upcoming State of Play that was doing the rounds today. You know what it was? A weirdly angled, poorly photographed shot of a Word doc.

My point is, be careful with what you read on the internet — especially social media. And always be sure to fully investigate the account that’s making the post.

That being said, I would absolutely love to see a Bloodborne remaster get announced for PlayStation 5. The critically acclaimed Bloodborne is already one of FromSoftware’s most beloved games. PlayStation would be smart to ride the high from Elden Ring and capitalize on re-releasing Bloodborne for the PS5.

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