Sony to phase out PS4 with PS5 by 2025

New Delhi, May 31 (UNI) Upgrading to next gen technology, Sony has revealed plans to wind down the PlayStation 4 sales. Since its release, PS4 has gone on to become not only one of Sony’s most successful consoles but it’s also become one of the top-selling video game platforms ever.

Despite this, Sony is now planning to gradually phase out PS4 with PS5 as its primary hardware, which means that the PS4 is naturally coming to an end. In its latest financial presentation, the Japanese console manufacturers confirmed that it plans to focus on the future, which includes the PS5, PC and mobile.

According to the contents shown in the presentation, Sony plans to focus its video game content library on the PS5 by 2025. Along with that, the company has also stated that its portfolio will see a ton of titles that will release on PC and mobile devices .

For now, Sony is continuing PS4 production into 2022. That doesn’t include the more powerful PS4 Pro, but Sony’s last-gen best seller isn’t disappearing just yet.

Many current games, like ‘Elden Ring’ and ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’, can currently be found on both PS4 and PS5, but according to Sony’s projections that will be a thing of the past within the next three years.

The company’s presentation also revealed plans to expand its reach to more people, what it’s doing to get there, and what is currently working. One thing that is working is Sony’s dive into the world of PC gaming and move beyond from just a console centric approach.

It’s a big difference from Microsoft’s strategy, that ended production on the Xbox One console family in 2020.

Furthermore, new-gen exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator are slowly appearing at a faster rate. But last year, big hitters like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 still arrived on both platforms.

On a whole, this announcement shouldn’t be coming as a surprise given that the PS5 was expected to be Sony’s main gaming platform in the years to come with the company putting greater focus on phasing out PS4.

Still, it’s worth stressing that at this very moment, the PS4 is a platform that Sony is still manufacturing in great numbers and releasing games for. In fact, this year’s biggest PlayStation game, ‘God of War Ragnarok’, is still expected to release on PS4 whenever it does happen.

At some point in the coming years, Sony will likely end up making a bigger announcement related to the PS4 and the official end of its life cycle.

With the PS4 now slowly phasing out by 2025, the last-gen console would complete a 12 year run following its 2013 release. And during its decade-long run, it would gain the status of one of the most iconic consoles, making it Sony’s most successful hardware product of all time.

However, at the same time, it also shows the downfall of the PS4’s growth, which peaked during FY2019.

Following the release of the PS5, developers unveiled a ton of new titles that would work on both generations of consoles.

But, in the next few years, developers might be ditching support for PS4, in order to build the best titles, which take advantage of the hardware capabilities of the next-generation PS5.



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