Sony States PS5 Sales Could Overtake PS4 by 2024

Sony believes that its latest PlayStation console will overtake its predecessor, only four years after the PS5 initially launched.

First announced back in 2020, the playstation5 and Xbox Series X/S immediately seemed to be impressive consoles that would push gaming into a new generation. However, many fans were unable to see whether those impressions were true, due to stock shortages and scalpers buying up many of the consoles that were on sale. Even nearly two years on, the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 is still difficult to purchase for some gamers, leading many to wonder when these hardware shortages and supply issues will end.


Intel’s CEO believes the global chip shortages will last until 2024, and it seems that Sony may share that belief. In its recent financial earnings report, the PlayStation platform owner outlined that the PS5 should see the end of its shortage problems by 2024. On top of that, Sony shared the projection that the PlayStation 4 will be outsold by its successor by 2024 as well, as the company predicts that when the shortages end, gamers will be buying the latest console en masse.

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It is no mean feat to outsell the PlayStation 4, which is currently the fourth best-selling video game console of all time. The PlayStation 5, on the other hand, doesn’t even break the top 20 of that list. It is important to note that Sony doesn’t expect the PS5 breaking the lifetime sales record of the PS4, at least not immediately, but the company does want its newer console to be bought more than the older model. Considering that the Xbox Series S recently outsold the PS5 in Japan, it seems there would need to be a significant increase in the sales figures of Sony’s console for that to happen.

However, Sony may have a strategy to boost the sales figures of the PlayStation 5 so that it can outmatch its predecessor. Something else revealed recently by Sony is that the company plans to stop releasing new games for the PS4 by 2025. Likely, this will give fans an extra reason to finally ditch their old console and buy one of the newer machines.

Sony will have to have some more PS5 exclusive titles by then to really real gamers in. According to plans, the company will be focusing on new IPs in its future, and likely these will involve some games solely being developed for the PlayStation 5. It seems strange that the console will take four years to begin to beat its predecessor consistently in sales , but many are glad that currently at least they won’t have to buy a PS5 to play Sony games like God of War Ragnarokwhich is still expected to release for PS4 and PS5.

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