Release: fpPS4 v30052022 – PS4 Emulator for Windows

It seems to be the season for updates on PS4 emulators, with multiple developers getting out of the woods to showcase their progress on PS4 emulation. Today, we’re seeing a recent build of fpPS4, an open source PS4 emulator for Windows by developer red-prig. FpPS4 has been out there for a while, and it’s worth mentioning that the source code hasn’t been (publicly) updated in 6 month. It’s unclear if this new build brings anything new since last year.

What is fpPS4

screenshot from BrutalSam’s demo video

fpPS4 is a PS4 emulator for Windows x64, more specifically a “PS4 compatibility layer (emulator) on Free Pascal”. According to the developer, this project is made for fun and just in its beginning stage.

fpPS4 already runs some commercial games, with the video below by BrutalSam showcasing sonic mania and We Are Doomed. As to why these particular games are often used for early tests, it seems they use a smaller amount of PS4-specific function calls, and possibly less 3D in particular, making them easier to run in the first place, even when the emulator is incomplete .

Download fpPS4

You can download a recent build of fpPS4 here. Alternatively, the source code can be found on the developer’s github.

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