PlayStation to ‘outgrow the market’ with ‘very attractive games’

Sony is confident its new PlayStation platform will surpass current market growth trends thanks to its wealth of gaming content, services, and hardware.

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No longer restricted by the console market, PlayStation is expected to grow considerably over the next few years. In a big phase-change, Sony is bringing first-party games and experiences to mobile and PC. It’s also investing heavily into live service games.

Based on current industry trends, Sony expects these bets to pay off. The level of diversification across all segments–premium PS5 games, new PSVR2 hardware, digital software, microtransactions, and services–has armed Sony with confidence that it could beat the current compound annual growth rate trends of the games industry and surpass current revenue forecast trends.

In a recent PlayStation business meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan laid out the company’s expectations with its new business model. Sony’s emphasis on premium video games content will carry over to PS5, PC, and mobile alongside live services. This, Sony believes, is the magic key to beating industry forecasts.

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“We are confident that growth of PlayStation can outstrip the average projected console CAGR that’s shown on this survey,” Ryan said during a Q&A segment session.

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“One of the reasons to justify that confidence is the fact that we show on an another chart that monetization that we see on PS5 is 15% above that which we enjoyed on the PlayStation 4.”

“This we believe is a function of many things, two principally:

“First of all, the very attractive gaming content that is available on PlayStation 5, which surpasses anything that we’ve seen on previous PlayStation generations during the same point in time.

“And secondly, the top-class feature set the PlayStation 5 has at its disposal. Some of these features are very unique and are only available to PlayStation gamers. To give substance to that, I would cite the illustration of the Dualsense controller, which is a wonderful device that is much-enjoyed by all PlayStation 5 gamers and is only available on PlayStation 5.

“So we remain quietly confident in our ability to outgrow the market and obviously our own growth will also be fueled by our expansion into live services, into PC, and into mobile–all sectors of the market that we have not been present to any meaningful degree.”

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