Playstation State of Play 2022: Start time, how to watch in the UK and more

A new live-stream event has been announced by Playstation and it promises to be packed full of new trailers and details of new PS5 games for 2022.

The next State of Play is set to air in early June. Much like Nintendo’s Direct event, it’s an opportunity for the gaming company to show off what it expects to release later in the year, with never before seen gameplay as well as other big announcements.

According to a post on the Playstation Blog, the full show will run for nearly 30 minutes and will feature “exciting reveals from third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2” as well as other upcoming games for the Playstation 5.

At the last State of Play event, fans were treated to new footage of Hogwarts Legacydeveloped by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros Games, so we’re excited to see what’s in store this time around.

To find out more about the next State of Play event, what time it starts in the UK, how to watch and what games we’re expecting to see, keep reading the rest of the article below.

How to watch the State of Play June 2022 event

In a Playstation Blog post from Brett Elston, senior manager of content communications at Sony Interactive, said: “We’ll have some exciting reveals from our third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2. Watch over at Twitch or on YouTube starting 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 12am CET.”

If you’re wondering what time that means for the UK, then fear not. The event is expected to begin on Thursday 2 June at 11pm BST and, just to reiterate, viewers will be able to watch the live-stream on Playstation’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

You can also watch the live-stream using the video above. Make sure that you click the bell icon to set a reminder for when the event starts.

The last State of Play event aired two months ago and focused solely on the upcoming Harry Potter open world game Hogwarts Legacy. This upcoming live-stream is set to be one of the biggest of the year for Playstation.

If that’s not enough, we’re also expecting to see some more games announcement from Summer Game Fest, which is also taking place in June.

What PS VR2 games will we see at the State of Play event?

One of the first VR2 games Playstation confirmed back in January was a virtual reality spin-off of Horizon Forbidden West titled: Horizon Call of the Mountain. It is being developed specifically for the new PS VR2 headset and is the only first-party title that has been confirmed so far. We’ll likely see more information about this game at the event as well as some other titles.

We also know that Playstation plans to launch the new headset with over 20 games available on day one. While there’s been no indication of which titles they will be, they’re likely to be a mix of new and existing games currently available on other virtual reality platforms.

One game that we are expecting to see as part of the initial line-up is Among Us VRa virtual reality version of the hit murder mystery game from developer, Inner Sloth.

While the developer didn’t say when the game would launch on PS VR2, it did say it would be available “when the headset releases”, meaning that this is likely to be one of the 20+ titles we’ll see when the VR2 eventually launches.

We would also expect to see some of Sony’s existing VR-exclusive games, such as Beat Saber (£24.99,, get a decent port to PS VR2. As the new hardware boasts an updated set of motion controls, we imagine that a port will be required in order to make use of the VR2’s more sophisticated hardware.

One game that we would love to see is a follow up to Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which was our top pick for best VR game on the PS4. Astro Bot has become something of a de facto mascot for Playstation and the company has already expressed great interest in making more games featuring the character, so this prediction is quite high on our list of lofty expectations.

What games will we see at the State of Play event?

While fans are eagerly awaiting an update on God of War: Ragnarok, Playstation has explicitly stated that the event will focus on third-party game reveals and VR2 titles. As much as we would like to see more news on the next god of war, we’re not going to hold out too much hope but at most, we might get a confirmed release date for later this year. Being a flagship title for Playstation, we would imagine that God of War: Ragnarok would get its own State of Play event, much like Gran Turismo 7 and Hogwarts Legacy did earlier this year.

We may get more information on the upcoming Square Enix title Forspoken, which was previously slated for a May release before being pushed down the calendar to October. And there’s also the possibility of some, as yet, unnannounced projects getting a mention too.

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