5 PlayStation exclusive video games that deserve a PC release

PlayStation exclusive video games have had a great time being ported for a PC version in the last couple of years. Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and God of War have seen quite the financial success as PC players have hungrily taken up these once PS-only games.

With only the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection confirmed for 2022 as the only PS game coming to PC, the future looks a little sparse for people looking to enjoy PS exclusives on their PC. However, with a reportedly $80 million made from PC sales by 2021, PlayStation plans to make more of their exclusive line-up available to PC players.

While no official news is yet available, there are still some likely names that might sell well based on their popularity and brand name. So here are 5 PlayStation exclusive video games that might be getting a PC port in the near future.

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Five PlayStation video games which might get a PC port soon

1) Marvel’s Spider-Man


PC players have had a fair many Spider-Man video games in the past. However, they have since missed out on the best one in recent times. This is why Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man is a top pick by many fans for a PC release.

Spider-Man is an immensely popular character in its own right, and with a game this good, a PC version is sure to sell. This video game sees an original story, told in its own separate world, where Spider-Man has been active for about eight years, and players are treated to a more adult version of Peter Parker from the movies many are used to.

Spider quips and fun jokes accompany a heartfelt and tragic story in true Spider-Man fashion. The gameplay is the best it has ever been in a Spider-Man game, with the swinging being a significant improvement since past iterations.

Combat is also great and feels appropriate for the character with grounded and aerial moves. With a great host of side characters and villains, the game has since made a mini-universe of its own, with a Miles Morales spin-off and an upcoming sequel.

2) Ghost of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima was an experience unlike no other for PlayStation players. This video game delivered a great story, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and some artistic design choices that resulted in some beautiful scenic moments.

Released on PS4 in 2020 and PS5 in 2021, many PC players lamented the exclusivity of this game when its trailers first arrived. Telling the story of Jin Sakai, during the historical setting of the Mongol invasion of Japan, the protagonist must strive to release his homeland of Tsushima from the control of the oppressors.

A traditional samurai, in the beginning, Jin is forced to choose between retaining his honor and facing his foes head-on. Or disregarding it to become the dishonorable Ghost, who strikes from the shadows to eliminate his enemies.

One of the best games to come out in 2020, a PC release will see much success due to the game’s well-known reputation. Much like Horizon, this is one of those video games with a unique experience that cannot be easily rivaled.

3) Bloodborne


Soulsborne fans across platforms have a strong longing for Bloodborne, which is one of two Souls games exclusive to the PlayStation. Yet out of it and Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne would be many fans’ first pick for a PC release due to its unique style and aesthetic.

Set in the land of Yharnam, the players take control of a Hunter and step out into the world to take on the various enemies and bosses. As is the norm for FromSoftware games, the larger narrative is not spoon-fed to players, instead only being revealed through exploration and talking to various NPCs.

Bloodborne differs from its peers in the Souls games due to its reliance on offensive combat. Unlike the other games, there’s no defense option in Bloodborne, as shields (while available in the game) are hardly effective.

Instead, players are encouraged to dodge and weave between attacks and get right into the thick of it. Here, hesitation truly means defeat.

4) The inFamous series


The inFamous series of video games are some of the best PlayStation exclusive entries from the late 2000s and early 2010s. Developed by Sucker Punch Studios, this series let players embody a powerful character who had access to various superpowers in the open-world setting of fictional Empire City.

For the first two games, players control Cole McGrath, while in the last game, they embody Delsin Rowe, as Cole has sacrificed himself by that point. The gameplay of these series was a unique experience as it used the available character’s powers to spectacular effect.

The traversal and movement around the map also employed these powers, which would result in fun parkour visual and fluidity. The video games were very successful during their PS run.

They might be an easy way for PlayStation to reuse an old product to make some extra profit, as porting the game would not require many resources, and many PC owners have yet to experience the ingenuity of these games. If not the entire series, then at least the last game inFamous Second Son.

5) The Last of Us


One of the best narrative-driven games in history, with an even better sequel to boot. It is almost criminal that The Last of Us is still a PlayStation exclusive.

Released in 2013 for the PS3 and 2014 for the PS4, it tells the story of protagonists, Joel and Ellie, trying their best to survive in a zombie overrun world. This video game has been nominated for various awards for its narrative, voice acting, and Game of the Year.

The plot follows Joel, who is tasked with taking a young girl known as Ellie to a group of researchers working on a cure for the fungal infection that is causing the outbreak.

They both start off disliking the other throughout the story, although they develop a father-daughter dynamic as they learn to respect each other. The gameplay centers around exploring certain areas and resulting in certain situations where players need to engage in gunfights and stealth sections.

The video game has seen such popularity that it has been developed into a live-action series on HBO. A release for PC would help more people to become familiar with the game before the series launches, or vice versa, and might be released after the series manages to pull in a larger crowd.

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