25 Most Underrated Video Game Sequels Ever

Mafia 3

25. Mafia 3

Mafia and Mafia 2 aren’t universally beloved classics, but many still find time to praise those titles for their retro gangster settings and slightly more restricted gameplay that offered a tighter alternative to so many GTA clones. Mafia 3, however, proved to be pretty divisive, with much of the criticism directed towards the game rightfully reserved for its attempts to utilize a fairly generic style of open-world gameplay. Most of those criticisms are valid.

Yet, Mafia 3‘s slightly more generic style of gameplay does little to diminish the impact of its amazing characters, setting, and plot. By exploring the rarely explored world of 1968 New Orleans (New Bordeaux in the game), Mafia 3 was able to offer a different kind of crime game story that balanced the intimate reasons people turn to a life of crime with an elaborate government conspiracy plot. The gameplay should have been better, but it’s definitely good enough to justify experiencing this game’s amazing story. – Matthew Byrd

Metal Gear Acid 2

24. Metal Gear Acid 2

Metal Gear Acid was a good game, but the title’s generic visuals and work-in-progress card-based strategy gameplay turned a lot of PSP players off. Unfortunately, that game’s struggles and generally strange premise meant that a lot of people never really gave Metal Gear Acid 2 the shot it very much deserved.

If you can get past the hurdle of playing a Metal Gear strategy game based around collectible card combat, you’ll find that Metal Gear Acid 2 offers a far more refined version of that basic concept than its predecessor did. Even better, it features some truly lovely cel-shaded graphics that really capture the fun and absurd sides of the series while fitting the gameplay like a glove. This game deserves a lot of love and a wider modern release, but, since it’s Konami we’re talking about, it will almost certainly never get either. – MB

Resistance 3

23. Resistance 3

After Microsoft rocked the FPS world with Haloalmost every game publisher wanted to produce their own Halo-killer. For Sony, that was the Resistance: Fall of Man franchise (with the Killzone series also taking a shot at the genre crown). The first game was reviewed fairly well, but its sequel, Resistance 2, added many changes players didn’t like, such as regenerating health and a two-weapon limit. This likely fed into the final entry’s dismal sales numbers, which is a shame since Resistance 3 is arguably the best in the series.

Unlike other entries in the Resistance series, Resistance 3 isn’t a purely military story all about fighting invading aliens. The game also has more human elements, such as how survivors are…well, surviving a post-apocalyptic world. More, Resistance 3 drops the controversial changes to Resistance 2 and adds in a weapon leveling system that encourages experimentation. Resistance 3 essentially killed the Resistance franchise when, in a just world, it should have saved it. –Aaron Greenbaum

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