New Infamous Game for PS5 Could Reportedly Be Revealed This Year

It sounds like PlayStation might truly be preparing to bring back its dormant open-world action series Infamous. For the better part of the past year, we’ve continued to hear various rumors and reports suggesting that a fourth mainline Infamous game would be coming to PlayStation 5 at some point. And while we’ll have to keep waiting to see if this is actually true, one insider has suggested that we could hear more before 2022 comes to a closer.

According to a reputable video game industry insider that goes by the name AccountNGT, PlayStation should be gearing up to announce a new Infamous title at some point this year. Further details on when such an announcement could come about weren’t given, but it was said that PlayStation is currently planning to hold a presentation of some sort in September. As such, this seems like the month which we should keep an eye on for any potential announcements involving Infamous.

Even though news regarding an Infamous revival on PS5 has started to pick up a lot of steam in recent months, the one thing we’re still left wondering about is the team that will make the game. Sucker Punch Productions, which previously worked on the Infamous series, has since moved on to develop Ghost of Tsushima. And while a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima has yet been announced, this is a project that Sucker Punch is almost certainly working on. With this in mind, the studio likely wouldn’t be chosen to simultaneously also create a new Infamous title, which means that Sony would have to tap another developer to work on the game. Only time will tell who might actually be working on this new Infamous project, but hopefully, the end result is one that fans will be happy with.

Are you excited about the prospect of Infamous returning on PS5? And when do you think that this new reboot of the series could actually launch? Let me know your own best guess either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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