God of War Ragnarok Release Window Potentially Revealed With New Leak

A new leak associated with God of War Ragnarok may have just revealed when the highly-anticipated PlayStation sequel will finally be launching. At this point in time, news on Ragnarok has been pretty silent for the better part of the past year. Despite developer Santa Monica Studio’s continued insistence that the god of war sequel will release in 2022, some fans have started to doubt that the title will end up dropping this year. Fortunately, this leak in question should ease those concerns.

Spotted by Twitter user @the_marmolade, a UK retailer called Geeky Zone recently published a number of new items on its website that are related to God of War Ragnarok. These pieces of merchandise cannot be acquired at this point in time, but instead, they’re all listed to release later this year in September. With this in mind, it seems possible that Ragnarok itself could also be launching in this month alongside this merch. Again, Sony and Santa Monica Studio haven’t confirmed this for themselves just yet, but this window is one that would make sense, especially considering that Ragnarok was just rated in Korea within the past week.

In short, September is a launch window for God of War Ragnarok that could make sense for a variety of reasons. For starters, the game doesn’t seem likely to release between June and August at this point given how silent PlayStation has been about it. Assuming that a re-reveal took place soon, though, September is a month that could be feasible to see a release take place.

It’s also worth noting that Ragnarok was originally slated to launch in 2021. Because of this, the game seems like the game should be launching sooner rather than later, assuming that the delay it suffered wasn’t a massive one. Again, this is all just conjecture and there’s no way for us to know with certainty that God of War Ragnarok could hit store shelves in September 2022, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this ends up being the case.

For the time being, the only thing that Sony has continued to say in perpetuity about God of War Ragnarok is that it will come to PS5 and PS4 at some point this year. If we end up hearing more about the game in the coming days at PlayStation’s new State of Play event, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop here on ComicBook.com.



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