Sony ramps up PS5 production, sets end-date for PS4

There’s a big change in the works at Sony: The company has announced that they’re phasing out PS4 games—in part because of the demand for PS5 consoles. While that might not seem super-related at first, Sony’s PS5 systems have been hard to find since their launch. That’s partly due to demand (an aspect Sony has focused on) but also due to the supply chain disruptions, this time, per Sony, stemming from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

But just how hard to find is how hard to find? According to Sony, the PS5 is ringing up almost 1,000 sales per minute while the PS4 was selling six per minute at the same point in its product lifecycle.

However, overall the PS5 isn’t selling as well — it’s selling faster, certainly, but due to the lack of supply it’s hard to conclusively argue that these means there’s higher demand. According to Sony, it only sold 2 million PS5 consoles last quarter, which is 3.1 million fewer units than PS4 consoles sold at the same point in the older console’s lifespan (h/t Gizmodo for the math). So high demand but fewer sales? It smells like a production issue, something Sony alluded to when they said that accommodates that, Sony’s just announced a big shift in its production strategy.

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Here’s the deal: PS4 game releases will be phased out over the next three years, with a total stop after 2025. In the meantime, Sony’s going to be ramping up PS5 production in an attempt to surpass the PS4 in sales in 2024.

The company also said in a business report that it’s going to push about half of its games to be available on PC and mobile by 2025, taking the gaming to mobile, PC, and PS5 only. This push to get games on computers and devices is probably also a reflection of the challenge of ramping up manufacturing while production is so challenging — Sony admitted it doesn’t foresee supply chains returning to regular states until 2024, something they’re attempting to mitigate by diversifying its parts providers.

Our advice now? It’s going to be a minute before the PS5 hype — thanks to low supplies — dies down, so enjoy the PS4 releases on that console while you can.

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