Sony Reveals A Sad Reality For The PS4

In Sony’s investor presentation, the company outlines its past releases across platforms and includes projections up to 2025. Sony included a handy graph that identifies how much content is releasing across the various gaming platforms Sony has a stake in (PC, mobile and Sony-made brackets). Interestingly, while the PlayStation 4 can be seen dominating Sony’s releases in 2019 — with about 90% of content released for Sony’s former top-of-the-line console — it’s completely AWOL in release estimates for in FY2025.

Of course, this had to happen eventually. No video game console lives forever, and many publishers, game developers and those involved in the industry will consider which consoles players are most likely to pick up a game on before deciding release platforms. In Sony’s case — for first-party titles that’ve historically carried the brand — the PlayStation maker has a little more freedom, but ultimately it seems that the well of goodwill might run dry in about three years time.

Whether this is tied to the difference in power between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 remains to be seen, but considering how tumultuous it’s been just to get hands on a PlayStation 5, the news is causing plenty of grievance for those still playing on a PlayStation 4. One user commenting via Twitter said, “The crazy part is ..them pretending that we can just buy a ps5…average consumer aint paying somebody 700-1200 2nd hand from a scalper…”

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