New PS5 update is out now – and it’s a game-changer

Update: The new PS5 update is now live, however, you may need to restart your console to push it through. Unlike previous system updates, there’s no file to download and install. Simply head to Settings > Video Output > Screen and Video, and you should see a new section called ‘VRR’. From here, you can turn VRR on and apply it to unsupported PS5 games if you like.

It looks like VRR will only work on PS5 games, and not PS4 titles via backward compatibility, which is a shame. Some PS5 games have received specific patches for VRR, but the system-wide setting should still benefit games that haven’t. If you notice any oddities when playing certain games, you can always switch VRR for unsupported games off.

Original story: A new PS5 update is rolling out this week that will bring variable refresh rate (VRR, for short) to Sony’s console – a feature that will improve the performance of various PS5 games.

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