PS5 stock – live: Studio, John Lewis and Asda restocks available now – how to buy

<p>Here’s where you can buy a PS5 right now</p>
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Here’s where you can buy a PS5 right now

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UPDATE: The PS5 is in stock at Studio, John Lewis & Partners, Asda, game and scan. The PS5 is set to restock at BT Shop and EE next. Read on for more information.

It’s been a year and a half since the PS5 was first released, and a year since we started officially tracking PS5 restocks, yet we’re all still here, clinging on to the dream of owning one of the elusive consoles.

While you still can’t reliably buy a PS5 in-store, the situation has massively improved online in recent weeks, and it has led to a nice uplift in restocks in the past few weeks. has

Game has had PS5 bundles in stock for several days now, with some still available as of 24 May. Scan also still has consoles to buy, but The Game Collection has now sold out, and so too has Smyths Toys, which last had a restock on 23 May. Buying a console on its own is more difficult than picking up a bundle, with standalone consoles selling out in the bink of an eye.

Still hunting down the elusive PS5 console? Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new machine, plus the latest game reviews. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:


Asda PS5 standalone console in stock


Bundle haters, this one’s for you!

Asda is currently selling the standalone disc edition console for £449.99. This is going to come in and out fstock, so keep refreshing the page if you’re struggling to add it to your basket. If that fails, try adding it to your wish list and checking out from there. Good luck!

Alex Lee25 May 2022 09:01


The PS5 is now in stock at Asda, Studio and John Lewis

Goooooood morning PS5 hunters and what a glorious morning it is! Three retailers have just dropped the PS5 in quick succession.

Asda is currently the only retailer selling the PS5 on its own, while Studio and John Lewis & Partners are both selling bundles. We’ll go through each one over the course of the morning.

Alex Lee25 May 2022 08:47


Live blog signing off

That brings another day of PS5 hunting to a close, and we’d say it was a pretty successful one. Game has had a selection of bundles available all day, while the PlayStation Direct store offered bundle-free consoles for a good few hours through the afternoon, and the BT Shop says more stock is coming there before the end of the week.

We’re also expecting to see restocks at Very and EE before the week is out, and we’ve spotted consoles available for walk-in customers at a handful of Game shops too.

As always, we’ll see you here tomorrow for the latest PS5 restocking news across the UK and US.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 17:21


There’s more PS5 stock coming this week at BT Store

Just as we had hoped, BT just confirmed that its online store will be received a fresh shipment of PS5 consoles this week. BT tweeted this afternoon, saying: “We’ve more PlayStation 5 stock landing this week for BT broadband customers to buy,” and said it’ll tweet when the consoles are ready to buy.

As we have explained before, BT offers consoles exclusively to its own customers. So if you have BT broadband, or subscribe to BT Sport, for example, you will get exclusive access to the PS5 consoles once they hit the BT online store.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 16:59


When did EE last have a PS5 restock?

EE is one of several retailers expected to have a PS5 restock in the coming few days, along with Very and the BT Shop. EE usually makes the consoles available exclusively to its existing customers, who can add it to their monthly bill and pay gradually over the course of two years.

EE last had a PS5 restock on 26 and 27 April. Before that, we saw EE restocks on 5 January, and 2 and 22 March, making console availability at the phone network quite a rare thing so far in 2022.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 16:58


Will the PS5 fit under your TV?

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Not as strange a question as you might think, because the PS5 is rather large. It’s often an easy joke to say how big the next generation of game consoles are, ever since the chunky original Xbox arrived, followed by the even bigger PS4.

But, while the Xbox series X is no lightweight (unlike the slender series S), it’s the PS5 that is least likely to fit under your television. The digital edition is slightly slimmer, due to not having a disc drive, but both consoles are equally tall when stood up on one end.

They are 390mm tall and 260mm deep, while the disc edition is 104mm thick and the digital edition is 92mm. Both consoles are intended to be stood upright, but also come with a plastic stand to help them rest on their side – likely the only way most buyers will fit the console under their TV.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 16:03


PS Direct restock sells out

It took a few hours, but a console restock landing at PlayStation Direct this morning has now sold out. Sony’s official online store is one of the few places where you can buy a PS5 console on its own and not as part of a bundle – so no wonder it sold out fairly quickly.

Those looking to pick up a bundle can still do so, with stock still available at Game.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 15:00


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How to buy an Xbox series X today

Once as elusive as the PS5, Microsoft’s rival Xbox series X console is now much easier to buy. Stock shortages have eased somewhat, and currently the series X is available from a range of retailers, both online and in-store – these include Amazon, Microsoft, Very, Currys, Game and more.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 14:02


F1 2022 pre-order details

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, racing fans might want to know when the next installment of the official F1 game lands on the PS5. Well, the answer according to developer EA’s website is 1 July, which conveniently is the weekend of the British Grand Prix – F1 fans might want to go for a two-TV setup that Sunday, and here are the best TV deals of the month to help make that a reality.

For everything you need to know on F1 2022the official Formula One video game, check out our guide below.

Alistair Charlton24 May 2022 13:00

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