PlayStation Fan Rescues Abandoned PS3 From Swamp

A gamer isn’t about to leave an abandoned PS3 to its fate in a swamp and fishes the old console out of its watery grave to see if it can be saved.

Tea playstation3 may be over fifteen years old now, but the console saw some great games released during its lifetime, including The Last of Usthe original LittleBigPlanet, and Grand Theft Auto 5. While the PS3’s officially reign came to an end some time ago, it is still listed as one of the top 10 best-selling video game consoles of all time, and some of its most influential titles will soon be playable on the PS5 thanks to PlayStation More premium.


As the PS3 is an older console, some gamers who have had the machine for a while may have seen it come to the end of its lifespan. Consoles often suffer from wear and tear, and random faults like the dreaded red ring of death can result in an Xbox 360 and other devices dying unexpectedly. Whatever may be the reason for a console’s timelessly demise, gamers losing their older machines will often simply throw them out, which led to one PlayStation 3 being ditched in a swamp.

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This was too cruel of a fate for one PlayStation fan, who learned about the abandoned PlayStation 3 on Reddit and decided to rescue it. In a video clip also posted to the forum, Reddit user ThatWasTayla can be seen grabbing the waterlogged console from a flooded area. First, they grab a stick to push the console nearer to their location. They then reached down into the murky waters before revealing a PS3 that doesn’t appear to be in too much disrepair. Compared to other stories of PlayStation consoles being ruined, it seems like this console got away lightly.

However, upon further inspection, it turned out that things weren’t looking so good for the old PS3. Being left in a swamp for a week isn’t good for gaming consoles, it seems, as the PS3’s ports were mostly rusted due to the water exposure. There was also another, creepier problem that the gamer outlined in the comments of their Reddit post. Apparently, there was something crawling inside of the console.

The mission to repair the stranded PS3 continues, even if some insects have already claimed the old console as their new home. For many fans, it was nice to see someone taking such care of a neglected console, as some won’t even give current-gen machines proper care. One internet cafe, for example, keeps a PS5 stored upside down with its airflow utterly restricted.

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