Which features will be available on PlayStation 5?

The official World Rally Championship game is coming to Sony’s home console later in 2022.

Strap in and grab your pace notes, WRC Generations PS5 is on the way!

The World Rally Championship is one of the most entertaining racing series out there. This translates perfectly to video game format as well, as WRC 10 has proved.


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The same will be true for WRC Generations as well, with no reason to believe that the series will be slowing down anytime soon. Here’s what we can expect from the game on PlayStation 5!

WRC Generations PS5

Just like WRC 10, WRC Generations is all set to be released on the PlayStation 5 system later this year. The next-gen home console systems like the PS5 are the best ways to play racing games.

BEAUTIFUL: WRC Generations will look stunning on PS5

WRC Generations will be able to be played in full 4K and at 60 fps for those that have a monitor or TV powerful enough to do so. The 3D sound available from the Pulse 3D headset will also be unmatched in gaming.

As for the controller, the DualSense pad will have full haptic feedback available. This will come into play in WRC Generations more than ever, thanks to the huge variety of surfaces that are on offer.

Will WRC Generations be on PS4?

Normally, when a new console generation is released, it’s less than a year before the old generation has been phased out.

THE OLD RELIABLE: Will WRC Generations be available on both home PS consoles?

However, these are anything but normal times. Despite the PS5 selling very well, its overall player base is dwarfed by the PS4. So, as of now, top games like MotoGP 22 are still being released on the PS4.

WRC Generations is confirmed to be available on the old-gen consoles, and this includes the PS4.

WRC Generations release date

The official release date for WRC Generations has now been confirmed. Generations will launch slightly later than we’ve been used to, with a confirmed date of 13th October.

SURPRISING: WRC’s official release date has changed this season

This will put WRC Generations’ release date between the New Zealand and Spanish rallies.

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