Start Getting Ads In Free-To-Play Games

We heard the rumor that Xbox will show ads. And a new report states that Sony is doing a similar thing for ps4 and ps5. Although a few days ago we got the same news about Microsoft. However, Sony is really showing ads, it’s not a rumor. Check Good News for PS5 Gamers.

Sony is currently working with an advertising technology partner for a software development program. So that developers create ads for free-to-play games. But now it has not been decided whether the revenue from those games will be deducted from the advertisement.

Good News for PS5 Gamers: Start Getting Ads In Free-To-Play Games:

Good News for PS5 Gamers
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Although I can say that the idea of ​​​​this ad is good news for gamers. So far, others have ruled in this field. Now it is understood that Sony will be their new Competitor.

Sony’s advertising inventory is limited to menu ads. Where, in order to promote games and services in the PlayStation Store, you have to stream video ads in certain apps. Undoubtedly, their move is part of an advertising technology partnership.

Good News for PS5 Gamers: Start Getting Ads In Free-To-Play Games:

Sony has made ads a natural part of the gaming experience. Where Sony is playing a very big mind game. He is offering rewards to everyone. All in all, players who are willing to see ads and promotions in the form of in-game items.

Not only that, publishers can now view promotional shots on the Indian menu. Some apps allow users to stream videos on the one hand and serve ads on the other.

In that case, there are opportunities for new ads to be explored by Sony. This allows developers and publishers to add promotional material directly to PlayStation Games.

Good News for PS5 Gamers: Start Getting Ads In Free-To-Play Games:

All of these things are encouraging them to create games. Surprisingly these games became popular during the epidemic. Another report has been published in Business Insider. That is, Sony has been working on this for a long time, not today.

They considered adding in-game ads to free-to-play games about 18 months after their debut on the PS5. It is expected that ad support will be launched by the end of the year.

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