PlayStation’s Astro Bot Becomes a Real Mascot With Cute Nendoroid

PlayStation’s Astro Bot mascot is entering the real world in the form of a cute new Nendoroid figurine that is set to release next February.

The cute playstation Astro Bot mascot of Astro’s Playroom fame is now entering the real world in the form of a new Nendoroid figurine. Gamers were first introduced to the friendly Astro Bot and his equally mechanical friends in the 2013 PS4 augmented reality minigame collection The Playroomwhere they lived inside the PS4’s DualShock controller and demonstrated the capabilities of the then-new console and its PlayStation Camera peripheral.

Astro Bot has since appeared whenever Sony has released a new PlayStation platform or major gaming device, with his next starring role seeing him show off the PlayStation VR headset in 2018’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission. This platforming adventure saw an Astro Bot named Captain Astro spring into action to rescue his robotic crewmates across various planets as players used the PS VR headset to control the game’s camera. Astro Bot stepped into the spotlight once more when the PlayStation 5 launched in 2020 with the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom, another quirky platformer that served as a tech demo for the new console and its DualSense controller. Each section of Astro’s Playroom was modeled after a certain aspect of the PS5, and there were even a few Easter egg references to other PlayStation titles like god of war and resident Evil thrown in for good measure.


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as spotted by VR uploadthe Japanese toy and hobby manufacturer Good Smile Company is releasing a new figure modeled after PlayStation’s Astro Bot as part of its Nendoroid line – which specializes in chibi-style versions of popular characters from video games and manga, including the likes of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West and Joker from personas 5. In the case of Astro Bot, no design alterations were necessary, and the upcoming Nendoroid figure will come with several different replaceable heads that match Astro Bot’s many facial expressions, as well as a display stand, a coin patterned after the PlayStation button icons, a small fuse for Astro Bot to repair as he did in Astro’s Playroom, and jet effects that attach to his feet for flying. Good Smile Company’s Astro Bot Nendoroid is currently available to pre-order for $63.99, with a release date set for February 2023.

Astro Bot Figure Screenshot

Astro hasn’t made a new gaming appearance since Astro’s Playroom, but the helpful automaton could resurface to demonstrate the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset – which was formally revealed by Sony back in February after its technical specifications were unveiled at CES 2022 a month prior. While this revamped headset might not come out until 2023, Sony and tech insiders who have seen it in action have expressed excitement at its updated hardware, and Guerrilla Games has announced a Horizon Forbidden West VR spin-off titled Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Only time will tell if Astro Bot returns to demonstrate the PlayStation VR2 headset as he did with its playstation4 predecessor, but the new Astro Bot Nendoroid figure captures his adorable and endearing design quite well – and Astro Bot would already fit in with the brand’s other chibi-style offerings. Fans of Astro’s Playroom with the extra spending cash can order this new figure ahead of its planned release next year, but considering how quickly Good Smile Company’s other Nendoroid toys tend to sell out, they might wish to act fast if they want to add Astro Bot to their gaming- themed toy shelves.

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Source: Good Smile Company (via Upload)

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