Emulation: PS4 officially added to supported platforms in Retroarch

Running Retroarch has long been possible on the PS4, but it’s been done through unofficial ports so far. That was until now, as the Retroarch team have added the PS4 ports to their official github today, thanks to the work of frangar, bigboss, and fjtrujy among others.

PS4 support on Retroarch, what’s that?

Just to be crystal clear, we’re talking here about the possibility to run the Retroarch emulator suite on PS4, not the other way around! Retroarch does not let you play PS4 games on your PC yet (but there are other emulators in progress for that: Spine and Kyty).

Again, it’s something that’s been possible for a while, but not “officially” supported by the Retroarch team until now.

Retroarch PS4 (screenshot from Modded Warfare’s Video)

You’ll of course need a Jailbroken PS4 to enjoy retroarch PS4 and the wide range of emulators it provides.

Download Retroarch for PS4

Disclaimer: You’ll need a Jailbroken PS4 to run Retroarch (and any other unsigned software)

An official build of Retroarch for the PS4 is “coming soon”, but in the meantime you can still install the unofficial port by OsirisX. Modded Warfare has a great tutorial video (with download links) on how to run it on the latest exploitable firmware 9.00:

Source: libretto

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