Twisted Metal TV Show Casts Scream’s Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell has been added to the upcoming Twisted Metal TV show, a live-action comedy adaptation created exclusively for NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service. Known best for her role as Sidney Prescott in the Scream movie series, Campbell has been chosen for the role of Raven and joins a cast headed by Anthony Mackie who plays the protagonist John Doe.

What Raven might be like in the Twisted Metal show

Twisted Metal TV Show Raven

Campbell will appear as Raven in a recurring guest star role, according to Variety. It’s not yet known how close this interpretation of Raven will be to her counterpart in the video game series, or whether she will be aiding or stopping John Doe from delivering a dangerous package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

In Twisted Metal: Black, Raven is a gothic teenager who is falsely blamed for the death of her best friend Kelly and ends up in Blackfield Asylum. Determined to avenge her, she joins the vehicular contest with the hope of winning and then exacting justice on the two high school boys who were actually responsible for the murder. If the TV adaptation takes several cues from Twisted Metal: Lost, we might see Raven driving a hearse and using voodoo dolls to protect people from killers.

Announced in late February of this year, the Twisted Metal Peacock series will be produced by Sony Pictures TV, PlayStation Productions, and Universal Television. Michael Jonathan, the writer for the successful Netflix show Cobra Kai, will be a writer and showrunner for the adaptation. The show will also cast Stephanie Beatriz as a trigger-happy car thief named Beatriz who helps Doe against the marauders attempting to kill him, and Thomas Haden Church as a ruthless highway patrolman named Agent Stone who enforces the rules of the road.

This TV show coincides with the Twisted Metal reboot which was rumored to be in development by Lucid Games but was apparently changed to Firesprite.

In other news, the PS1 classic trophy lists for PS4 and PS5 have hit PSN early, and the Uncharted movie has surpassed $400 million in box office sales.

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