Minecraft Fan Shows Off Awesome End Portal Graduation Cap

A graduating student and Minecraft fan shows off their creative graduation cap that they have decorated in the style of an End Portal from the game.

Minecraft, perhaps more than any other video game before it, has been successful in bridging the gap between games and education. The game has been widely praised for its focus on creativity, and has been used to teach kids about everything from geometry to farming. Not to mention the fact that there is an entire education focused version of Minecraft which has been designed for use in schools to great success. It is only fitting then, that the game would feature as part of an important school ceremony for a fan of the game.


Despite releasing over a decade ago in 2011 Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games in the world. The game still receives regular updates and has a dedicated community of concurrent players. Minecraft being over a decade old means it has existed and remained popular for the entire high school careers of the current graduating year.

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One such graduating student and Minecraft fan on Reddit has shared a picture of their graduation cap which they have decorated in the style of Minecraft‘s iconic End Portal. The Reddit user has created a full 3D model of the End Portal to sit atop their graduation cap. The front edge of the portal has been replaced with the achievement pop up players receive for reaching The End in Minecraft. The achievement message for entering an End Portal in Minecraft fits well with a school graduation as the message reads “The End?”

The level of detail that went into creating the End portal for the Reddit user’s cap is truly admirable. The paper End Portal frame blocks even have the Eyes of Ender sticking up out of them that are required to activate the portal in Minecraft. This portal can then be used to enter Minecraft‘s mysterious End area.

Decorating graduation caps has been a popular tradition among students for many years now, with graduates usually picking a significant interest or current piece of pop culture to theme their design around. It is no surprise then, that the students that also play games will choose to theme their graduation cap around a favorite game. There have also been multiple Elden Ring-themed graduation caps shared online this year.

As it turns out this design is a popular choice for Minecraft fans to adorn their graduation caps with, as other Minecraft fans in the comments of the Reddit user’s post have shared their versions from previous years. It’s clear then why the game is so long-lasting when players of different ages can have the same enduring fondness for Minecraft and its difficulty-to-reach “End” goal.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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