Best New PlayStation Games To Play In May 2022

While the future of 2022 holds big things for PlayStation fans, the month of May will see its fair share of high-quality, varied releases.

2022 is a year packed with great, highly-anticipated playstation games, and the month of May is no exception. This month will bring satisfying releases for fans of indies, bombastic AAA titles, action games, RPGs, and more. Some popular games, like the modern gothic battle royale Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt have already released, but there is still plenty to look forward to.

Although 2022 isn’t even halfway over, there have already been a number of well-received titles for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Big-budget shooters like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction and charming indies dropped on Sony’s console in the first month of the year, which was followed by one of the busiest Februarys in recent memory, as PlayStation owners got to enjoy exclusives such as Sifu and Horizon Forbidden West alongside third-party hits like Elden Ring. This has made for a great start to 2022 on PlayStation, which is only expected to grow with upcoming releases from first-party studios like Santa Monica Studios, whose developers insist God of War Ragnarok is releasing in 2022.


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Between record-shattering successes like Elden Ring and widely discussed future releases like God of War Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy, there are still plenty of great games coming out for PlayStation users to enjoy. As May progresses, it’s likely that gamers from all walks of life will stumble across a title that they love thanks to this month’s great diversity of releases. Indeed, May’s release schedule can stand with the best of them, and it all starts with a long-awaited side-scroller from Devolver Digital.

Trek to Yomi – May 5

trek to yomi combat trailer

Some readers may have already gotten their hands on this game, as it has been released at the time of writing. Nevertheless, Trek to Yomi is a great choice for PlayStation users looking to pick up something with tones of high-octane action, an arresting art style, and a dramatic narrative. Throughout the game, players will slash their way through Trek to Yomi‘s violent samurai gameplay and unpack the harrowing tale of Hiroki, who is set on a path of vengeance after his village is destroyed. While many have already been comparing this game to Ghost of Tsushima due to its Kurosawa-inspired visuals and sharp combat design, Trek to Yomi looks to be an entirely unique experience and one that will appeal to a wide variety of players.

Salt and Sacrifice – May 10

The Marked Inquisitor facing a giant spiritual entity.

For side-scroller fans interested in something a bit more colorful and fantastical than Trek to Yomi, Salt and Sacrifice might be the perfect fit. This dark fantasy RPG from Ska Studios looks to weave an epic tale of black magic and fate, as the player sets out to put an end to evil mages that pose an existential threat. Salt and Sacrifice has invasion PvP gameplay that is more than a little reminiscent of the Dark Souls series, and the overall combat structure appears to be a satisfying blend of diverse melee and ranged options. This gameplay, coupled with RPG progression systems and a visually distinct art style, is sure to make Salt and Sacrifice many gamers’ bread and butter.

Evil Dead: The Game – May 13

Evil Dead The Game brings back Ash

There are plenty of gamers who feel most comfortable when an experience keeps them on their toes and provides them with plenty of worthwhile scares. For these players, along with anyone interested in cooperative multiplayer, Evil Dead: The Game will be a worthwhile addition to the PlayStation library. Countless gaming memes have chosen evil Dead as their subject, so it’s fitting that the franchise is getting a modern video game.

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evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game ala Dead by Daylight, wherein players will take control of a group of weaker characters who have to avoid a much more powerful, antagonist player. In Evil Dead: The Game, the band of survivors is led by none other than protagonist Ash Williams himself, who has access to his classic arsenal, including his chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun. The survivor players have to take on a fifth player who assumes the role of a Kandarian demon. The game is sure to provide countless memorable moments, especially considering the wide range of iconic locations on offer.

Sniper Elite 5 – May 26

karl riding a zipline to a factory

Tea Sniper Elite franchise has a hardcore fanbase that is more dedicated and passionate than most, but that doesn’t mean that the games aren’t accessible to newcomers. Sniper Elite 5 looks to refine the series’ long-running standard of precision-based gameplay, employing a combination of stealth mechanics and fast-paced shootouts set against a realistic WW2 backdrop. Stoic protagonist Karl Fairburne will be lending his services to the French Resistance in this fifth entry, so players will get the chance to traverse a number of iconic and historic locations. New additions to the series, like co-op multiplayer and a higher focus on customization, are sure to make Sniper Elite 5 stand out from its predecessors.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – May 10

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Characters

Fans of JRPGs won’t be left out this month, either, as the highly anticipated prelude to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is also set to release this month. Eiyuden Chronicle led Kickstarter’s best year for gaming yet, and this action RPG prequel is aiming to continue Suikoden‘s tradition of excellence with gorgeous, 2.5D graphics, fast-paced combat, and a town-building mechanic that sets it apart from many other RPGs. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising includes three party members, Isha, Garoo, and CJ, who provide quite a bit of diversity to the game’s world and story.

These are just some of the best PlayStation games coming out in May 2022, as there are plenty of other high-quality indies that fans of Sony’s console can look forward to this month as well. However, the items on this list give a good picture of just how varied the next few weeks will be for PlayStation’s lineup. While future releases like Gotham Knights are rumored to be PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusives, none of the aforementioned titles are next-gen only, meaning that PS4 owners won’t have to worry about missing out on these great experiences. May is just one month in a year that is shaping up to be one of playstation‘s best, though, so both PS4 and PS5 players will be able to get their hands on several top-notch titles in the coming months.

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